Are you a nonprofit project?

If you are a nonprofit organization and would like to use the SaaS version of ONLYOFFICE™ for free, we ask you to post one of ONLYOFFICE™ banners to your website main page. To do it, please, follow these steps:

1. You must have a registered ONLYOFFICE™ portal

If you have an existing ONLYOFFICE™ portal, you can proceed right to the next step.

If you do not have a ONLYOFFICE™ portal, you can register it here.

2. Place at least one of these banner codes to your site

Select at least one of the banners and place the code onto the main page on your web site.

Go to the Banners Page

The placement of banners on your main page will be automatically verified within 24 hours after your registration. Also, the availability of this code on your page will be periodically verified. Please do not delete it if you want to use ONLYOFFICE™ as a nonprofit organization.

3. Register as a nonprofit organization

As soon as the banner is on your site, please, complete this form:

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Email Address*
Your Nonprofit Site URL*
Portal Name*
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Your request will be considered within 3 working days. Our decision will be made in accordance with the Terms on ONLYOFFICE™ SaaS Version Provision for Nonprofit Organizations.

Any questions?

Please, visit our FAQ center or submit your request and we'll help you shortly.

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Don't forget to place one of banners above to the home page of your web site. We will verify it in 24 hours.