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How to restrict access to ONLYOFFICE editors to groups in your Nextcloud instance

We’ve updated ONLYOFFICE integration app for Nextcloud to ver.2.1.2, with several new features released. Read this article to be aware of the enhancements, and learn how to restrict access to ONLYOFFICE online editors to user groups within your Nextcloud.

ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud partner to deliver seamless collaboration for modern organizations

We’re excited to share news of a partnership between Ascensio System SIA, Latvian home of the ONLYOFFICE real-time online document editor, and Nextcloud GmbH, the German company developing the market-leading self-hosted Content Collaboration Platform for secure file exchange, collaboration and communication.

ONLYOFFICE vs Office Online: comparing editors. Again

Hello there! Even though our therapist would recommend otherwise, we continue comparing ourselves to others. We mean, comparing editors. Some time ago we wrote an article on the 11 ONLYOFFICE features you can’t find in Word Online. It’s been a … Read more


Hello everyone! One user on Twitter once suggested ONLYOFFICE and Zoho should get married, since Zoho had astonishing online office apps, and ONLYOFFICE had amazing document editors. And that’s true, we’re really proud of our editors. Would like to know … Read more

XWiki fügt ONLYOFFICE Online-Editoren seinem Ökosystem hinzu

Ascensio System Sia, ein lettisches Zuhause von ONLYOFFICE, und XWiki SAS, ein französisches Unternehmen mit der 15-jährigen Erfahrung auf dem Markt für professionelle kollaborative Lösungen, sind nun stolz auf eine derart erfolgreiche Partnerschaft, ONLYOFFICE Online-Editoren den XWiki Benutzern zur Verfügung zu stellen. … Read more