Installing Nextcloud with ONLYOFFICE is easier than ever

Hello everyone!

Remember our story about using Univention appliances to install ONLYOFFICE paired with ownCloud? We have some great news: the Nextcloud-based appliance has just been released too. Read more in this article.

Just to remind, Univention, an open-source corporate infrastructure developer, has recently introduced a handy method of installing systems already equipped with third-party components – virtual app appliances. These are VirtualBox or VMware images that include the app, UCS management system and the UCS runtime environment.

Following the ONLYOFFICE-ownCloud appliance, we are announcing the new VM that contains Univention Corporate Server, Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE. The apps work out of the box with the additionally created auto-configuration that makes sure that the required ONLYOFFICE add-on in Nextcloud is configured correctly. The installation is far easier than a classic manual method: no manual steps by the administrator are needed.

How to install the app

1. Download the necessary components

First, you need to install the hypervisor for the virtual machine. Choose between VMware Workstation Player or VirtualBox (follow the documentation for detailed installation guide).

Then download ONLYOFFICE-Nexctloud VM for the hypervisor that you’ve chosen.

2. Import the appliance

Now open the hypervisor and import the ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud virtual appliance. This guide by Univention can show you exactly how to do this in both platforms.

3. Install the application

Once the image is successfully imported, start the Virtual Machine. Go through the booting process via the installation wizard, following the steps below.

Note: The data in the screenshots is exemplary. While booting, input your own data to get the system operating in your environment.

The first step is localization. Here, select the nearest city for the wizard to adjust the correct timezone, keyboard layouts, and other parameters.

Next, set up your domain and network. Select your IP manually or choose the automatic option, then fill in the address of the DNS server where the system will be hosted.

In the next step, either connect to the existing UCS or Microsoft Active Directory domain, or set up the new one. To create the new domain, you need to choose ‘manage users and permissions directly on this system’ (this How-To is oriented at setting up a new system).

Further, fill in your Company name, admin email address for activating ONLYOFFICE, and create a new password.

Specify the full domain name for this system and the LDAP base:

Review your settings and make sure everything is filled out correctly. Then click ‘Configure System’

Once everything is configured, your new ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud system is ready for action!

Read more about ONLYOFFICE in Univention in our dedicated article. For any questions, contact us at or use the comment section below.


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