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Importing Data from Google Apps into TeamLab

Hello to everyone, The topic of my today’s post is data transfer from Google Apps to your TeamLab portal. Let’s stipulate at the very beginning what exactly you can import: contacts from your Google account as TeamLab portal users, your … Read more

Creating and Managing TeamLab Documents Collaboratively

Want to share and work collaboratively with documents? Need to edit spreadsheets, presentations or drawings shared with you online? Want to be notified as soon as you get access rights to a file, if the file shared with you has … Read more

TeamLab Mobile: Manage docs the easy way even on the move

Good news for those who want to constantly track project progress regardless of a laptop or office location. TeamLab’s introduced the Documents version for Android and iOS devices becoming a truly mobile management service. The Mobile Documents provides a number … Read more

Access Rights Management within the Documents Module

In this post I’ll continue the topic of Access Rights Management we discussed last time, but today I’ll consider the Documents module from this point of view. The Documents module of TeamLab platform represents a place where all the files … Read more

What’s next, TeamLab?

This month we have received several requests from our users asking to post about TeamLab future enhancements. We couldn’t but follow your wish – today we publish the list of the upcoming new features and solutions. TeamLab mobile application is … Read more