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Breaking Language Barriers, or Portal for TeamLab Translators

As you already know, at the moment TeamLab is completely available in eight languages – English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese – and partially in Greek, Polish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Czech. The following languages are on … Read more

Calendars in TeamLab Calendar

Within the last few weeks we received several questions concerning calendars which can be found in TeamLab Calendar, that’s why I decided to devote the today’s post to this topic. All of you surely know how to access TeamLab calendar … Read more

Access Rights Management within the CRM Module

Continuing the topic of access rights management within Projects and Documents, today I’ll introduce the new CRM module recently included to TeamLab from this point of view. Customer relationship management involves compiling and processing important data that represents a commercial … Read more

Customizing Your TeamLab Portal

Nowadays there is surely no system that can’t be customized, at least minimally. TeamLab platform is no exception. Reading this post, you will learn what exactly you can adjust on your portal and how. Within TeamLab platform two customization types … Read more

Everything about TeamLab Notifications – Part II

Last time we divided all notifications into two groups and discussed manageable notification messages you as portal users get from TeamLab, the way you can adjust them, subscribe or unsubscribe from them. Today we’ll consider the second group, namely non-manageable … Read more