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6 May 2022 By Dasha

How to edit Word document on iPhone

Do you ever need to open or quickly edit a Word document on your iPhone? Even for such a seemingly simple task, not every app will do. In this article, we’ve gathered tips on how to…

15 April 2022 By Dasha

How to make a checklist in Word documents

If you are trying to be productive and organized, you probably use checklists. They are made for any purpose and any event. Many applications allow you to create checklists. But what if you want to…

8 April 2022 By Dasha

How to draw in Word documents

Presenting some information in a text document with schemes and drawings helps to be understood. This article will show you how to draw on a Word document and what tools to use. Keep on reading…

1 April 2022 By Dasha

How to sort a pivot table

Do you work with big data and try to sort it in proper order? Use a spreadsheet editor functionality to automate your work. In this article, we will look at how to sort pivot table…

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