Top 10 LMS software to consider in 2023

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ONLYOFFICE Docs can be integrated with several LMS solutions, and we’re on the lookout for further collaborations with educational platforms worldwide. Therefore, we try to remain updated about the best learning management systems in 2023. Check the list in this article.


The most common of the top free learning management solutions is probably Moodle. It belongs to open-source learning management software and was built to allow educators and students access to a custom learning platform, both secure and feature-rich.

Source: Moodle

The interface represents an intuitive service with dynamic courses, where tutors and students can upload, create, and share text documents, presentations, multimedia, and other relevant files. Thanks to logs and analytics, admins can monitor activity on a platform.

Numerous schools and universities worldwide use Moodle to enable remote study for people with physical disabilities, or those who live far from the educational institution.

ONLYOFFICE Docs has a free official connector for Moodle, which lets users edit text, slides, and worksheets right within the LMS and facilitates collaboration.


Another freeware, open-source LMS, Chamilo allows designing and having remote classes online training programs. Additionally, many educators choose it for in-person training courses. Chamilo is secure and available in more than 50 languages.

Source: Chamilo

Within this software you’re expected to work on a platform for managing users, courses, materials, and homework which can be further assessed by educators. A crucial feature for some institutions is the ability to monetize your training programs on Chamilo.

The official ONLYOFFICE connector for Chamilo lets schools edit and collaborate on text, spreadsheets, and presentations on the platform.


With the award-winning learning management system Sakai, tutors can design and offer engaging remote classes. Among the happy customers of Sakai are numerous schools globally, as well as some noble higher education institutions, such as Stanford University.

Source: Sakai

As on any similar platform for learning management, educators and students can assess homework and receive grades, have tests, and communicate on a forum. The rich set of add-ons allows connecting popular file storage solutions.


360Learning is a perfect option for beginners who need a straightforward navigation in the interface of their learning management solution. Course building becomes much easier with ready-to-use templates based on successful practices. Obviously, 360Learning provides you with necessary tools for grading performance, write notes, upload and exchange files.

Source: 360Learning

This LMS allows integrating popular third-party services, such as Zoom and Teams for video conferencing.


EdApp is a mobile-oriented and extremely effective service to organize learning activities remotely. One of the most obvious advantages is the ability to attend classes from everywhere having a smartphone only. In other words, the app doesn’t roll out too many hardware requirements for students.

Source: EdApp

As for features, you will find a course building tool, features to monitor and assess achievements in class. Students can interact and collaborate using chats, virtual classrooms, and discussions.


OpenOlat is a web-based LMS (learning management system) for teaching, learning, assessment and communication developed by frentix, a company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Among frentix customers are Avaloq, Ernst & Young, Hamilton Medical, VCRP (virtual campus of Rheinland Pfalz), Furtwangen University, schools in Switzerland such as Juventus Schulen, Feusi, and many others.

Source: OpenOlat

The name OpenOlat stands for Open Online Learning And Training. OpenOlat is used to create and share educational content, form groups, organize users, and assign users to the courses. A sophisticated modular toolkit provides course authors with a wide range of didactic possibilities.

Each OpenOlat installation can be individually extended, adapted to organizational needs, and integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The architecture is designed for minimal resource consumption, scalability, and security. For file sharing and collaboration, OpenOlat can be integrated with ONLYOFFICE Docs.


Schoology is a comprehensive platform that encourages engagement of all participants of the training process: tutors, students, parents, corporate clients. As most of LMS worldwide, this solution offers curriculum management, monitoring performance and attendance, but also deeper understanding of student achievements thanks to analytics tools.

Source: PowerSchool

Moreover, Schoology is positioned as one of the best K-12 LMS with over 20 million users and 7 million students globally in over 60,000 educational institutions.


HumHub is a free and open-source toolkit for launching your own social network. Designed for social intranets, enterprise and private networks, it lets you choose from a fair range of modules and widgets on its official marketplace. For example, you can integrate it with ONLYOFFICE Docs for editing text, worksheets, and slides.

Source: HumHub

HumHub is completely open-source and offers deployment on a private server. With full control over any sensitive data, this platform provides you with the high-level security.

The interface is similar to popular social networks. Users can communicate and dive into the learning process without puzzling navigation.


WebWeaver is a web-based e-learning platform developed by DigiOnline GmbH. It is used by lots of educational institutions in Germany, including the German Adult Education Association, the Federal Institute for Education and Training, the Federal State of Saxony, the dioceses of Berlin, Münster and Paderborn, etc.

Source: WebWeaver

The platform is available in the product lines School and Enterprise. Both are provided with a range of add-ons such as BigBlueButton for video conferencing and ONLYOFFICE Docs for online document processing.

WebWeaver School is a cloud solution tailored to the requirements of school education. Several licensing models are possible: for a single school, a multi-client solution for private or public school boards and for entire federal states.

The Enterprise version allows combining various components and modules and connecting third-party systems. Content providers can also develop and distribute online courses, exercises and tests via the integrated Courselets authoring system.


Thinkific is a learning management system focused on creating, marketing, and selling courses to customers all over the globe. The solution offers basic LMS functionality, including course building, student performance tracking, quizzes, exams, and analytics. However, Thinkific assists you in generating income from delivering courses and expanding educational business.

Source: Thinkific

The free version allows you to test crucial features, whereas other plans start at $36 per month and unlock more opportunities, such as live lessons and memberships.

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