How ONLYOFFICE Docs and Nextcloud help Geyma Sistemas de Información build a better collaborative environment for its employees

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The ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud combined solution allows Geyma Sistemas de Información, an IT provider from Spain, to create a secure environment for internal collaboration. Read this article to find out more.

About Geyma Sistemas de Información

Geyma Sistemas de Información (Geyma) is a Spain-based IT provider that offers cloud computing, online backup, system virtualisation and security services to a wide range of small and medium enterprises. With more than 30 years of professional experience, the company uses the most innovative software tools and applies the best practices to optimise operating models of their customers with a process-based approach.

Geyma is an official partner of some of the most prominent companies in the industry, including Citrix, Dell EMC, OVH, Sophos, VMware and others.


The company’s employees use Nextcloud for internal collaboration. Some time ago, they decided to extend the platform’s collaborative capabilities by integrating it with an online office suite. They had a close look at all available options, and one of their partners advised them to turn their attention to ONLYOFFICE Docs, which turned out to suit their needs better.

Now ONLYOFFICE Docs is used within the Geyma team to share and edit documents in real time. In combination with Nextcloud, the ONLYOFFICE office suite makes it possible to co-author files in a secure environment deployed on a corporate server, which results in better productivity.

Although the company’s employees face sometimes some format compatibility issues, they like the suite’s interface, usability and collaborative features. Gerard Juárez, CEO and founder at Geyma, says:

ONLYOFFICE is a great office assistant; it is fast and agile. One of its greatest virtues is the integration with Nextcloud and the ease of editing Excel spreadsheets in common, which makes it a perfect tool for us.

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