Maritime autonomy: how marinom GmbH organizes effective collaboration using ONLYOFFICE Docs and Nextcloud

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marinom GmbH is using ONLYOFFICE Docs in combination with Nextcloud to seamlessly work and collaborate on their centrally stored office documents. Dr. Arne Kraft, Managing Director, talks about their experience.

About marinom GmbH

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marinom GmbH is a development service provider that develops technologically sophisticated solutions for other companies with a main focus on maritime autonomous systems. The company was founded in December 2020, currently has 12 employees and wants to grow quickly to 30-50 people.

As an engineering service provider, they create customized solutions for their customers. They realize projects in which, for example, water and underwater vehicles are equipped autonomously or semi-autonomously. A major goal is also step-by-step automation of existing systems.


As Dr. Kraft recalls, they were looking for a freeware solution that would be compatible with their Nextcloud. That’s how they discovered ONLYOFFICE.

The integration is working flawless. Everything that could be tested so far ran very well. Sometimes only some formatting issues occur when downloading documents.

Earlier the marinom GmbH employees had to upload documents from their cloud to local PCs, edit them and upload again. Such a process led to errors when uploading as well as time delays when entering new information. With ONLYOFFICE Docs, they can edit and co-author all files directly in Nextcloud.

Most needed features

Dr. Kraft says they have successfully implemented their time tracking docs, preparing grant application submissions, and report generation in ONLYOFFICE.

The following features are the most useful ones:

  • The possibility to work on projects in a team from different workplaces at the same time.
  • Simultaneous editing of centrally stored office documents.
  • Compatibility with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Dr. Arne Kraft, Managing Director at marinom GmbH:

Since we started using ONLYOFFICE, the team collaboration runs much more efficiently and effectively. We are very happy to have made this choice and thank the ONLYOFFICE team for their support!

marinom GmbH will definitely recommend ONLYOFFICE to smaller companies that are investment-sensitive and want to grow further.

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