EasiShare integrates with ONLYOFFICE: document collaboration in a fully controlled online environment

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Thanks to the direct integration of ONLYOFFICE Docs in EasiShare, users are able to seamlessly collaborate on office files within their enterprise file security platform. Read on for more details.

About EasiShare

EasiShare is an enterprise file security platform that helps to secure, manage, and govern files, preventing data theft and leakages by threat actors and insiders. EasiShare provides a data-safe haven for employees to have stress-free file exchanges with one another, anywhere and anytime.

The platform is developed by our official partner Inspire-Tech. Established in 2000 in Singapore, Inspire-Tech has grown from a humble start-up to a future-driven and internationally expanding organization that provides easy-to-use and secure software products and services.

Why ONLYOFFICE: ideal for both end users and admins

After reviewing different online document editing tools, the EasiShare product team felt that ONLYOFFICE online editors were a good fit for their requirements:

  • Nice UI
  • Require less server load and server resources (CPU & RAM)
  • Good SDK

For end users

The integration provides EasiShare users with online editing capabilities, eradicating the need for downloading and re-uploading edited files.

This also eliminates the need for a separately installed application on end-user devices, which may not be available for highly mobile users working across several devices. Such experience greatly improves the productivity of end users.

For admins

Protecting sensitive data is a critical requirement of today’s enterprises. Thanks to ONLYOFFICE’s security capabilities, the integration empowers IT administrators to limit download access of sensitive documents and ensure that users edit files securely via an online controlled environment, keeping confidential information away from accidental exposures on endpoint devices.

How the integration works

The EasiShare team is using ONLYOFFICE open API to enable the integration. The API is called one-way from ONLYOFFICE to EasiShare.

Thanks to the direct integration, end users are able to seamlessly work with office files within the platform — just click and open a document in a new browser tab.

Text document opened within EasiShare with ONLYOFFICE Docs
Presentation opened within EasiShare with ONLYOFFICE Docs

Sharon Teo, Inspire-Tech CEO:

With ONLYOFFICE integration, it has strengthened our product’s value by allowing sensitive files to be securely accessed and edited in a fully controlled online environment. This is an added advantage to ensure continuous protection of our customers’ mission-critical documents anywhere and anytime.

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