ONLYOFFICE got certified by Kylin OS

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Great news! We got a compatibility certificate with the China’s national operating system Kylin OS. Learn the details below.

About Kylin

Kylin is an operating system developed in China since 2001. The OS ships pre-installed on most computers sold in the People’s Republic of China.

In August 2020, version 10 of Kylin OS was launched. It is compatible with 10,000 hardware and software products and supports Android ecosystem. In July 2022, an open-source version of Kylin, titled openKylin, was released.


In October 2022, together with Kylinsoft, we passed mutual testing. As a result, ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition (version 7.2) got certified as a solution completely compatible with Kylin. So, users in China are able to launch our online editors on their machines absolutely safely and securely.

Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales and Partner Relations at ONLYOFFICE:

We are happy to work closely with Kylinsoft and are really proud to get certified. This step brings ONLYOFFICE reliability to the next level for all users in China.

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