ONLYOFFICE connector v2.1.0 for Jira: document creation and conversion, certificate verification settings, connection to a demo server and more

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The latest version of the official integration app for Jira is already available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Now version 2.1.0 allows you to create documents and convert them to OOXML, enable self-signed certificates and connect to a demo server. Learn more in this article.

Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and fillable forms

With the previous version of the ONLYOFFICE integration app for Jira, users were able to open and edit the existing files only. Starting from version 2.1.0, you can create new documents, spreadsheets, presentations and fillable forms within the Jira interface.

To create a new file, open the required issue and find the “Create file with ONLYOFFICE” option. Click the button, choose the file type you need and type the name of the file you are going to create. Then click “Create” to open the corresponding ONLYOFFICE editor.

Convert documents to OOXML formats

The updated integration app for Jira makes it possible to manually convert DOC, ODT and other non-OOXML formats to OOXML for further editing. That means that now you don’t have to create a new file instead of the existing one in order to save the original properties.

To convert something, find the required non-OOXML file in Attachments and click the ONLYOFFICE conversion service icon next to the file name. In the opened window, enter the name of the new file and click “Convert” to create an editable copy of the original file. The new file will immediately appear in Attachments, and you will be able to edit it with the ONLYOFFICE editors.

This option also allows you to save files to your computer. When you open the ONLYOFFICE conversion service window, choose “Download as”, select the required file format and click the Download button. This way, you can convert your files to PDF, for example.

Disable certificate verification

If you usually use self-signed certificates for your ONLYOFFICE Document Server, you will definitely like the newly added option to disable certificate verification. From now on, you don’t need to change the Jira configuration file manually. There is a new option in the Server settings section that lets you disable certificate verification with a click.

To access this option, open the Jira administration menu by clicking the corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Choose “Manage apps” and find the ONLYOFFICE integration app. In the Document Server section, check the Disable certificate verification (insecure) box and click the Save button.

Connect to a demo server

With this feature, you can test the ONLYOFFICE online editors within the Jira platform without having to install ONLYOFFICE Docs. You just need to get the latest version of the integration app.

After that, you need to open the Jira administration panel and switch to the ONLYOFFICE configuration page. Check the “Connect to demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server” box and click the Save button. Now you can try ONLYOFFICE Docs and see how it works within the Jira platform.

Note: you will access a public test server that will be available within 30 days. Don’t upload confidential information and don’t share any sensitive data on this server.

Work with documents on a mobile device

Starting from version 2.1.0, the ONLYOFFICE integration app automatically switches to mobile editing mode if you log into your Jira instance from a mobile device. This allows you to work with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and fillable forms more conveniently on your mobile phone or tablet.

Other improvements

  • “Download as …” option in the ONLYOFFICE editors’ interface;
  • “Open file location” button;
  • Compatibility with Jira 9.

Watch this video to get started with the ONLYOFFICE and Jira integration:

Get the latest version of the official ONLYOFFICE connector for Jira from GitHub or get it on the Atlassian Marketplace:


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