ONLYOFFICE connector v2.0 for Redmine with document conversion, connection to a demo server, advanced server settings, and more

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We have released a new version of our ready-to-use connector for Redmine. Now it allows you to convert documents to OOXML formats, connect a demo Document Server to Redmine, validate server settings on the settings page, and more. Read this blog to know the details.

Document conversion

The new version of the ONLYOFFICE connector for Redmine makes editing non-OOXML files more convenient. Previously, users had to create a file for editing in DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX format not to lose the text formatting. Now, non-OOXML formats can be manually converted to OOXML for further editing.

To convert, find the necessary file in the Issues, Files, Documents, Wiki, or News modules and click the icon Convert with ONLYOFFICE. Then, enter the name of the new document, choose a format, and click OK.

Connection to a demo Document Server

You can test ONLYOFFICE editors by connecting the server demo to Redmine. This feature requires only plugin installation.

Go to Administration -> Plugins -> ONLYOFFICE Redmine plugin -> Configure, then check Connect to the demo ONLYOFFICE Docs server and apply new settings.

Please note that the demo version is only available for 30 days. It is not recommended to use for sensitive data.

Advanced server settings

Sometimes your network configuration may not allow requests between Redmine and ONLYOFFICE Docs via public addresses. For such cases, the Document Editing Service address is now divided into two settings: inner address (address used to access service) and public address (address used to access editors).

In the advanced server settings, you can set the ONLYOFFICE Docs address for internal requests from the Redmine server and the return Server address for internal requests from ONLYOFFICE Docs in the appropriate fields.

These fields are optional. If you don’t need to use internal requests, you can leave the fields blank. Public servers are used by default.

Validation of server settings on the settings page

The plugin configuration has become easier. We have added a new mechanism that immediately verifies access between the ONLYOFFICE Document Server and the Redmine server.

Now, you can check if you have configured the plugin correctly. Enter all the parameters in the ONLYOFFICE integration plugin configuration, then click Apply. If something is wrong, you will see an error.

Deactivating self-signed certificates

You can now disable the validation of all self-signed certificates on your ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

Go to Administration -> Plugins -> ONLYOFFICE Redmine plugin -> Configure, then check Disable certificate verification (insecure) and save your settings.

We also fixed issues with document access rights.

Get started

Get the latest version of the ONLYOFFICE connector for Redmine :


Watch this video to know how to connect ONLYOFFICE Docs to Redmine:


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