ONLYOFFICE connector for Plone updated to version 3.0

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We’ve released a new version of the official ONLYOFFICE connector for Plone. Discover all new features in this article.

“Download as…” option

Save any document in the desired format, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and PDF. For example, you can save PDF as editable text files and vice versa.

Where to find: File → Download as…

Uploading files from storage

Choose your files on Plone for mail merge, document comparison, and inserting images to documents.

Where to find: Mail Merge / Insert image / Compare document → From Storage


Connecting to demo server

Test ONLYOFFICE Docs functionality without installing the editors. Go to the connector settings and activate Connect to demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

Where to find: Admin → Site Setup → ONLYOFFICE Configuration

Connector settings validation

You’ll see an error, should invalid ONLYOFFICE Docs address or secret key be entered.

Where to find: Admin → Site Setup → ONLYOFFICE Configuration

Other updates

  • Configuring internal connection addresses
  • ONLYOFFICE 6.0 and previous versions are not supported

Bring new document editing features to your Plone account.


To learn more about ONLYOFFICE and Plone integration, visit this page.

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