Meet ONLYOFFICE Documents v7.2 for iOS: handwriting recognition, document protection, search filters and more

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Good news everyone!

The latest version of ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS is already available. It comes with a lot of new features and improvements, including handwriting recognition, document protection, search filters, redesigned editing windows and more. Keep reading for further information.

Handwriting recognition

Starting from version 7.2, ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS allows you to turn your handwriting into typed text on your Apple device. You don’t need to use the keyboard as the app automatically recognizes what you type with Apple Pencil and inserts it into your document.

Currently, this feature is available for English only.

Take a look at how handwriting recognition works in ONLYOFFICE Documents:

Mobile View

With the newly added Mobile View, now you can view and browse your documents in a more comfortable way on your smartphone.

Where to find: Click the Settings icon → Mobile View

Password protection

From now on, you can protect your documents with passwords to share them securely with trusted collaborators. However, you need to be careful. If you forget a password, you won’t be able to recover it.

Where to find: Click the Settings icon → File encryption → Set password

New search filters

Now it’s much easier to search for a file due to new filtering options. When you need to find a local file, you can search for it by type. When it comes to your files in the cloud, you are allowed to search for them by type and author.

Redesigned editing windows for slide backgrounds and charts

The updated app for iOS makes it easier to work with slide backgrounds. The Presentation editor is now equipped with a redesigned editing window where you can find gradient customisation, custom textures and pattern fill.

Where to find: Click the Pen icon → Slide → Background

Also, when you edit a chart, now you can customise its stroke type and decide on its fill choosing among the gradient customization, custom textures and pattern fill options.

Where to find: Click a chart → click the Pen icon → Style

Default viewing mode for documents

Starting from version 7.2, ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS opens documents in viewing mode by default. At the same time, when you view a document in the app, the navigation bar is hidden for better readability.

To start editing, you just need to click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

Note: when you create a new document, it will automatically open in editing mode.

Other improvements and updates

  • TextArt support;
  • ONLYOFFICE portal push notifications;
  • Correct connection to Dropbox;
  • Armenian localization.

Do you feel like trying all the new features on your iPhone or iPad? Get ONLYOFFICE Documents v7.2 for iOS from the App Store:


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