How to embed spreadsheets in text documents?

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ONLYOFFICE allows inserting spreadsheets in text documents. Embedded workbooks are good for presenting dynamic data in reports. Learn more in this article.

Spreadsheets vs. Tables: what’s better?

There are 2 main differences between a simple table available in text documents and an embedded spreadsheet.

  • Using formulas. Initially designed for processing data, spreadsheets can contain formulas (IF, SUM, AVERAGE, etc.) and references to other cells. When you change one value, the rest content in a sheet will be automatically re-calculated. This considerably reduces human error.
  • Table formatting. Spreadsheets in a text document can be formatted as tables, contain different fonts, data types, highlighted values. Wrapping style and custom size are available after embedding.

Worksheets are suitable for sharing regularly updated datasets, such as those in campaign reports.

How to insert a spreadsheet to a text document?

Go to the Insert tab and choose Table → Insert spreadsheet. You’ll see the interface of the spreadsheet editor:

Here, you can copy and paste the content from the existing workbook or start from scratch. Apply fonts and select necessary data types.

Use formulas to calculate values easier and faster.

Edit visible area to hide blank cells.

Format the sheet as a table for a better look and feel.

The embedded spreadsheet looks as follows in a text document:

Double-click the table to edit values and formulas. To wrap text around a spreadsheet, choose the desired wrapping style on the right toolbar:

Alongside documents, you can also embed spreadsheets in presentations.

Want to create and share documents and presentations with spreadsheets? Get ONLYOFFICE Docs or try free desktop app.


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