ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors officially become a default office app on Br OS

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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors have become a default office suite on Br OS, a Linux distro designed for Brazilian Portuguese-speaking content creators and users. Read this post to find out more.

About Br OS

Br OS is a free GNU/Linux project created by a group of independent Brazilian developers who wanted to create a ready-to-use operating system initially designed for content creation, such as blogs, music, videos, etc.

Currently, this OS is suitable not only for content creators but also for regular users who just want to browse the Internet and perform other simple tasks. Br OS comes with a large set of pre-installed applications of different types and a built-in application shop where users can find alternatives to their favourite programs.

Br OS combines lightness, simplicity, and a modern and well-finished look due to a slightly modified version of the KDE desktop environment. One of the most outstanding features of this OS is an extra layer of security since the system has a free native VPN service, a file encryption program and a privacy-focused browser, which makes things easier for users in countries where Internet restrictions and censorship exist.

Br OS desktop environment (

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, the default office suite

Starting from version 21.04, ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is the default office app on Br OS, so users don’t have to install the app and can start using it immediately by clicking the corresponding icon in the menu.

With ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, Br OS users can:

  • Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in all popular formats with the highest MS Office compatibility;
  • Create and edit fillable forms with interactive fields;
  • View PDF files and convert them to DOCX;
  • Use a wide range of styling and formatting tools;
  • Insert and edit complex objects, such as charts, shapes, tables, etc.;
  • Make use of third-party plugins: YouTube, Translator, Thesaurus, Telegram, etc.;
  • Connect to ONLYOFFICE cloud, Nextcloud, Seafile, ownCloud, Liferay and kDrive, and co-edit documents in real time.

Anderson Marques, CEO of the Br OS project, says:

The choice of ONLYOFFICE as an office suite on Br OS happened due to its greater compatibility with MS Office files, in addition to the idea of an entire suite of applications within a single program, which makes things much simpler and more elegant.

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