Meet ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors v7.2: ligatures, new field parameters for fillable forms, Dark Contrast theme and more

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The latest version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is already available for Windows, Linux and macOS. It comes with the majority of the improvements of ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.2 and offers some unique features, such as vector text printing. Keep reading for further information.

Ligatures in text documents

The updated desktop app now supports ligatures allowing you to merge multiple symbols into one and making it possible to work with new languages, such as Bengali and Sinhala.

You can configure ligatures and choose among the standard, contextual, discretionary and historical types, or select the combo options.

Where to find: Paragraph Advanced Settings -> Font -> Ligatures

Ligatures types

New fields types in fillable forms

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors v7.2 offers new field types – Email address, Phone number and Complex field. This allows you to create custom fields and unique fillable forms.

Also, when working with text fields, you can now specify the allowed symbols to be used and choose the required format: None, Digits, Letters, Arbitrary Mask and Regular Expression.

The Tag option makes it possible to work with fields in automatic mode to simplify the process of form creation.

Where to find: Forms tab

New field options

New interface theme options and languages

In the desktop app, there is now a new interface theme, Dark Contrast, which is a bit darker and clearer than the traditional Dark Theme, so you can work with documents more comfortably in dark environments.

Additionally, there is a new option, Same as System, that allows you to quickly switch to your system theme within the app.

Where to find: File tab → Advanced Settings → Interface theme OR View tab → Interface theme

Dark Contrast theme

The following new interface languages are available:

  • Portuguese (Portugal);
  • Armenian.

Vector text printing on Windows and Linux

The latest version of the desktop app supports vector text printing, which significantly enhances the printing speed. It works only if the pages have no gradient fills.

VLC support on Windows

In version 7.2, the desktop client for Windows comes with VLC support. That means that now you can play any video and audio files in your presentations without having to download the required codecs.

Other improvements and new features

When it comes to text documents, the text editor in version 7.2 has an updated navigation panel with new options which is called now Headings. It also allows you to remove headers and footers right from the toolbar, and insert and edit spreadsheets as OLE objects (you can do this in presentations, too).

Remove Header/Footer options

The updated spreadsheet editor makes it possible to switch rows and columns in charts and use images as markers for bulleted lists, which is also available in presentations. Moreover, there is compatibility with the 1904 date system.

1904 date system option in the Advanced settings

The presentation editor allows you to place more precisely images, shapes, tables and diagrams within your slides due to new advanced settings and set up custom animation paths for objects.

Custom animation path

As for the general improvements that can be found in all three editors, it’s worth mentioning the following:

  • No minimal size for app windows;
  • More intuitive Advanced Settings window with the ability to enable or disable navigation via the keyboard;
  • Updated Search and Replace field with new options;
  • New spell-checking options, Ignore words in UPPERCASE and Ignore words with numbers;
  • New hotkeys to enable special paste options, such as pasting formulas and text without formatting.
Hotkeys for special paste options

Read this article or watch the video below to find out more about ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.2:

See the new features of version 7.2 in action in this presentation:

Download ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors v7.2

The updated desktop app is already available as deb, rpm, exe and dmg packages. Snap, Flatpak and AppImage will be ready soon.


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