Top 10 most popular office documents you can find in the OFORM library

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Feel tired of monotonously creating office documents from scratch? You don’t have to waste your time typing text for hours! Instead, you can easily download the ready-to-use template you need from the OFORM library. Below you will find our top 10 most popular office documents that you can find there.

About the OFORM library

The OFORM library is an online collection of free document templates that are available at no cost. Currently, the library contains more than 160 office documents divided into several categories that you can freely download to your PC and modify according to your needs.

All office documents from the library are meant for various purposes. You can fill them out online in your browser and export the final results to DOCX or PDF. Alternatively, you can download the templates as DOCXF, OFORM and PDF files. DOCXF is ONLYOFFICE’s own format for online form templates. The OFORM format is designed for ready-to-use online forms with fillable fields. Read this article to find out more about these formats.

If you can’t find what you need, you can contact us at and submit your ideas. We are always happy to accept suggestions and add new templates to our library.


Now that you know what the OFORM library is and what it offers, let’s have a look at the most popular office documents that you can find there.

1. CV

If you are looking for a job, you definitely need a professional-looking CV. This document allows you to sum up your education, skills and experience to show the potential employer that you deserve the job. Don’t look up on the Internet how to write a good CV and what to include in it. Just get this ready-to-use template from the OFORM library, complete all the required fields and get your foot in the door.

2. Checklist

It’s easy to forget something important if you have to complete several tasks during the working hours. To avoid such problems, it’s a good idea to make a checklist – a list of things to be done that can be used as a visual reminder. Bring all your tasks and projects under control, and keep track of the overall progress with a simple but effective checklist by ONLYOFFICE.

3. Daily schedule

Another office document that can help you stay productive and organized at work is a daily schedule. It’s a way of planning the events throughout the day. This document allows you to list all of your events and times when they take place and can be used to hold meetings, keep track of projects and complete other work-related tasks. In the OFORM library, you can find the corresponding template and fill it out online to increase your productivity.

4. Invoice

If you sell something, it’s highly likely that you issue invoices. An invoice is a list of goods or services provided that indicates their quantity and prices. In business, it’s usually used as a record of sale. There is no standardized format, so you can use a universal template from the OFROM library and adapt it according to your needs.

5. Inventory sheet

Inventory sheets help small businesses and entrepreneurs keep track of items they use or sell. In a nutshell, it’s a complete list of all products that you have in stock. Such a document helps you track inventory turnover. If you need one, you can get a free template from the OFORM library.

6. Sale and purchase agreement

Legal documents play an important role in business. There are a lot of legal contracts and agreements of different types that regulate various aspects of business activity. Sale and purchase agreements or SPA are legal contracts that oblige sellers to sell and buyers to buy a product or service. If you plan to sell or buy something, take a look at this template that can be flexibly adapted to any purchase.

7. Timesheet

Like other documents from this list, timesheets are often used in business. A timesheet is a table that is used to keep track of the time a particular employee has spent on a certain task or project. Data from timesheets are used in client billing as payroll processing. If this is what you need, download the corresponding template from our library.

8. Monthly budget

Budgeting is probably one of the most important processes for every business. Knowing how much money goes in and out of your financial accounts is a must-have. If you want to create a simple plan for how you will spend your money over the course of one month, you can use a monthly budget template by ONLYOFFICE. Just fill out all the fields and get an insight into the expected income and expenses.

9. Resignation letter

You don’t have to spend all your life doing the same job for one company. Changing jobs in search of better conditions and a bigger salary is natural. If you plan to leave your current job, you need to write a resignation letter first. This document expresses your intention to leave the company you are working for. Don’t know what to write in your resignation letter? Make things easier for you and use this universal template from the OFORM library.

10. Memo

Communication is the key to success in any company. One of the most efficient ways of formal communication within an organization is sending memos. A memo is a short written message from one person or department. For example, your boss may send out a memo warning the employees to not spend so much time socializing after the meetings. If you need a memo template, you can find it in the OFORM library.

With ONLYOFFICE, you can not only download and fill our ready-to-use templates but also create your own forms and add fillable fields. Watch this video to find more about ONLYOFFICE online forms:

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