New in Nextcloud: extra sharing permissions, Dark Theme, and Catalan translation

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We have released the version 7.4 of ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration app, adding support for new types of access rights, ability to set Dark Theme, interface in Catalan, disabling/enabling macros, quick file location access, and a few important fixes. Read more in this post.

Advanced sharing permissions

Now Nextcloud connector for ONLYOFFICE Docs supports advanced types of access rights, in addition to default Full/Read Only access:

  • Comment, to allow commenting and mentioning users in comments if a user has View Only access. This type of permission is available for documents and spreadsheets.
  • Review, to allow suggesting changes using Track Changes in the document without actually altering the contents for users with View Only access. This type of permission is available for text documents only.
  • Custom filter. If a user is shared a spreadsheet with full access, it is possible to disable filtering of the author’s version of the spreadsheet and allow only custom filtering in personal mode.

To enable the use of advanced permissions in Nextcloud as an admin:

  1. Go to ONLYOFFICE settings.
  2. Tick “Provide advanced document permissions using ONLYOFFICE Docs”.

Once the option is enabled, you can find the extra permissions in the Advanced tab of the document panel.

Dark interface theme

From now on, you can set ONLYOFFICE Docs interface theme to Light, Classic Light, or Dark in settings.

To activate the desired theme for the users, check the corresponding box in ‘Default editor theme’ section in the connector settings.

More improvements

  • Turning macros on/off. You can disable and enable the use of macros in the admin settings.
  • Quick access to file location. Use the folder icon on the top toolbar to quickly go to the current file’s location in the document management system.
  • Catalan translation of the app interface.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

Get the latest version of the ONLYOFFICE connector for your Nextcloud instance from the Nextcloud App Store:


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