ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.0: new sharing settings, IMAP, WebDAV server, CardDAV address books, and more

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Awesome news, everyone!

The new version of our collaboration platform comes with lots of productivity, usability, and security enhancements in all modules. Explore the details in this post.


Efficient document management and sharing

Upgraded sharing settings. In version 12.0, we redesigned the file sharing window to make it more intuitive and convenient and added new settings which can help you protect your documents:

  • Can’t print, download and copy file (for Read Only & Comment)
  • Can’t change sharing settings (for Full Access)

Where to find: Documents -> Share button -> Advanced settings OR Collaboration tab -> Sharing in the editors

WebDAV server. The latest update brings the ability to work with other users on remote web servers from WebDAV clients to collaboratively edit and manage files. Learn more

Docs v7.1. Updated ONLYOFFICE Workspace also includes the latest version of online editors. Among new features you’ll find PDF conversion, View tab, animations in slides, print preview for spreadsheets, and more. Explore Docs v7.1

Enhanced file formats support. You can now open FB2, XML and OXPS files for viewing. Moreover, we extended the number of conversion options in the document manager so that you can download:

  • XML files with conversion to supported text formats;
  • OXPS files with conversion to PDF;
  • docs with conversion to EPUB, FB2, HTML, DOTX, and OTT;
  • spreadsheets with conversion to XLTX and OTS;
  • presentations with conversion to POTX and OTP;
  • docs, sheets, and slides with conversion to macros-based OOXML (DOCM, DOTM, XLSM, XLTM, PPTM, POTM).

Where to find: Documents -> File context menu -> Download as -> Convert to …

Further improvements. Every user can set up automatic clean up of the Trash folder selecting time period after which files will be permanently deleted (1-2 weeks or 1-3 months).

Where to find: Documents -> Settings -> Common Settings -> Trash bin auto-clearing

You can also set default access rights for sharing your documents. For instance, if you share files with the Comment permission in most cases, you can set this type as default one and don’t worry you will forget to change it while sharing. If you don’t change this setting, Read Only permission is chosen by default.

Where to find: Documents -> Settings -> Common Settings -> Default access rights in sharing settings

Besides, now you can add the entire folder to your Favorites along with adding separate files.

Optimized mail

IMAP & backups. In ONLYOFFICE 12.0, we added IMAP synchronization and an option to back up and restore the Mail Server database.

Powerful aggregator. We considerably improved the work of mail aggregator for faster processing of connected mailboxes.

Read receipt confirmations. Along with the already available delivery receipt, you can now request the read receipt when sending your emails. At the receiving end, the corresponding notification will be displayed in the message if the client application supports such functionality.

Email mentions. You can tag other portal users in your emails with the @-mention. In this case, they will be added to the recipients list.

Revamped team management

CardDAV. The major enhancement here is the ability to create CardDAV address books based on the data of portal users. At the moment, synchronization works in one direction — when user data is changed on the portal, the created CardDAV book is updated. Refer to Help Center

New authorization options. In version 12.0, you are able to connect your Apple ID and Microsoft accounts to log in to the portal.

Where to find: People -> Profile -> Login via social networks

Extended profile info. You can now add your Telegram account to the contact information details in your profile (in addition to emails, phone numbers, social channels, etc). It can be helpful if your team is using Telegram for corporate chatting.

Where to find: People -> Profile -> Edit -> Contact Information 

Updated feed. We moved the Birthdays section from the Community to the People module and upgraded the feed with Birthdays and New employees to help you stay updated.

Please note: Starting from version 12.0, we removed user import from Yahoo due to tech restrictions from their side.

New features in calendars and projects

Easier event creation. We upgraded the Description field so that you are able to format your text there, add lists and hyperlinks to make the description of your calendar events look more accurate.

Event attachments. Moreover, you can now attach docs to the events, including files from the Documents module.

Revised project reports. We updated the User Activity and Project List reports and added the time period element in all other reports where it is needed.

Mentions. It’s now possible to tag users in task comments via @ to let them know their assistance in any project is needed. Tagged users then get a notification.

Besides, now you can drag-and-drop subtasks within projects to easier re-assign them.

Data migration from Google

It’s now easier to switch from Google to self-hosted ONLYOFFICE where all your data is kept safe on your own server. Using the updated Control Panel, admins are able to import data (including user profiles, contacts and files) from Google Workspace to ONLYOFFICE.

Following users requests, we also added the data import option from Nextcloud and ownCloud.

Security enhancements

General improvements. We fixed several security issues, including moving of the Elasticsearch service used for full-text search and indexing to a separate container for all self-hosted versions (due to the log4j issue). Besides, we revised the mechanics of opening documents in Private Rooms.

Active connections check. In user profiles, it is now possible to check a list of connections used to access the portal. The connection info includes OS and browser, time, IP address, and location. You can log out from connections with the ability to immediately change your password in case you noticed any unusual activity. If you an administrator, you can can log out all active connections of the certain user.

Where to find: People -> Profile -> Active connections

Other updates

We improved the overall look and feel of your online office, including redesigned elements such as Feed and Mail drop-down lists.

Please note: The Community module is now disabled by default for new cloud portals and new installations. It can be activated anytime via portal settings.

Make the most of the new version

Watch ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2022 to learn more about the updates:

How to migrate from Google Workspace:

Get ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.0

You can already use ONLYOFFICE 12.0 in the cloud:

Try new features

Self-hosted installations are now also available (update from May 25):


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