Discover ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1: ARM compatibility, upgraded PDF/XPS/DjVu viewer, PDF to DOCX conversion, Print preview for sheets and more

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Great news, everyone!

The latest version of the ONLYOFFICE open-source suite is already available with plenty of useful features allowing you to better visualize data with new charts, open SmartArt objects, work with shapes in a more comfortable way, view PDF, XPS and DjVu files with ease, and there is more. Sounds intriguing? Keep reading for more details.

Run ONLYOFFICE Docs on ARM-based devices

From now on, all the editions of ONLYOFFICE Docs (Community, Enterprise and Developer) and ONLYOFFICE Document Builder can be installed on devices with the ARM architecture that offers high performance, energy efficiency and integrated security.

The ARM-compatible version of ONLYOFFICE Docs is available as a separate build and offers several installation options, such as Docker images, deb and rpm packages. If you are the owner of a device with an ARM-based chip, get ONLYOFFICE here.

Read PDF, XPS and DjVu files with a brand-new viewer

Starting from version 7.1, you can use ONLYOFFICE Docs to view PDF, XPS and DjVu files in a more convenient way. The built-in viewer now opens files on the client side and offers the following improvements:

  • Page thumbnails panel;
  • Navigation bar (contents);
  • Support for external and internal links (press the CTRL button and click with the mouse to open a link);
  • Cursor/hand mode.

Convert PDF files to DOCX with a couple of clicks

When you save a PDF file in ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1, you can convert it to DOCX and all other available formats, except for PDF/A. This option, together with the improved PDF viewer, allows you to work with PDF files without third-party applications.

Other conversion options include:

  • DjVu -> DjVu and PDF;
  • XPS and OXPS -> all available formats + original formats.

Where to find: File tab -> Save copy as…

New features in the spreadsheet editor

Print preview. Now you can preview your table before printing, which allows you to avoid misprinting and reduce paper consumption.

New options on the View tab
. In addition to the existing tools and commands, the View tab now also contains such elements as Combine sheet and status bars, Always show toolbar, Interface theme, Show frozen panes shadow.

New currency formats for cells. The new version of the ONLYOFFICE editors adds an extensive list of currencies according to ISO 4217.

Where to find: Context menu -> Number format -> More formats -> Currency -> Symbols

Tooltips to formulas. When you start typing a formula in a cell of your table, you will see a list of all available formulas, so you will be able to quickly choose the one you need.

Text qualifier. If you want to import data from some text, now you can choose a text qualifier, i.e. a character that is used to distinguish the point at which your text begins and ends.

Where to find: Data tab -> Get data -> From local TXT/CSV -> Choose the required file -> Advanced in the Text Import Window -> Text qualifier

Updates in the presentation editor

Ability to add and edit animations. The updated presentation editor offers a new tab where you can add and adjust animations of different types to make your slides more visually appealing.

Where to find: Animation tab on the top toolbar

Duplicate slide option. The option to duplicate a slide has been added to the add slide menu.

Where to find: Home tab tab -> Add slide -> Duplicate slide

Move Slide option in the context menu. ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1 comes with the ability to move slides to the beginning and end of a presentation. To do this, you just need to right-click a slide and choose the required option.

General improvements in all editors

View tab in documents and presentations. ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1 offers the functionality to change the views of your documents and presentations in one place. The newly added View tab is traditionally located on the top toolbar and contains all the tools and commands that you use to change the way your files look like. For example, zoom options, interface theme, hide/show the top toolbar, status bar, rulers, etc.

Where to find: Top toolbar -> View tab

More convenient work with shapes. The menu for inserting and modifying shapes has been significantly redesigned. Now you can see the icons of all available shapes. Moreover, there is a new section in the menu that displays the recently used items.

Where to find: Top toolbar -> Insert tab -> Shape

Another improvement is the ability to edit shape geometry with your mouse cursor. Just add a new shape or select the one that already exists, click the required points and move the cursor to create a unique shape.

Where to find: Context menu -> Edit Points

We also changed the component for selecting gradient direction in shapes: now images are generated depending on the selected gradient colours.

Where to find: Shape settings tab on the right sidebar -> Gradient fill -> Direction

Support for new chart types. ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1 makes it possible to open new chart types so that you can find the most suitable way to visualize your data. They include:

  • Pyramid charts;
  • Pyramid bar charts;
  • Vertical and horizontal cylinder charts;
  • Vertical and horizontal cone charts.

SmartArt support. With the updated version of ONLYOFFICE Docs, you can open SmartArt objects without converting them into a group of figures. SmartArt is a dynamic type of image that is often used in presentations to draw the attention of readers to important information or make information easier to understand. If your slides contain such graphic objects, now you can open them without problems.

Other enhancements. Apart from the new features mentioned above, ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1 also introduces:

  • New interface languages – Galician and Azerbaijani;
  • Ability to view a password while entering it in password-protected files;
  • Zoom options in OFORM files;
  • Ability to filter comments by groups of users.

Watch the video overview

Tired of reading? Watch the most important updates from version 7.1 in this video:

Download ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1

Get the self-hosted version of ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.1 right now:


In the ONLYOFFICE cloud solutions, the new version will be available a bit later.

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