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We updated our connector for SharePoint making it possible to work with DOCXF and OFORM formats within the combo instances. Read on for more details.

How to work with forms in SharePoint

Starting from version 2.1 of the ONLYOFFICE connector for SharePoint, you are able to open DOCXF and OFORM formats by clicking the Open in ONLYOFFICE action in the file context menu.

If you open a DOCXF file, you can edit a form template, add fields and adjust them as you need. When your form template is ready, you can save it as a fillable OFORM file.

If you open an OFORM file, you can fill out the form and save it as PDF.

Please note: at the moment, you can’t create editable DOCXF files from blank, but only upload them to your SharePoint. You can get such form templates in our free library.

Another option to get a form template is to save any DOCX file in your SharePoint as DOCXF (File → Save copy as) and then add necessary fields.

“Save as” from the editor

An ability to save files in the desired format from the editor to your SharePoint file manager is now also available for other supported file formats.

For example, you can easily save your PPTX presentation as PDF.

It’s important to know that you can’t save the file copy in the desired format if there is the same file (with the same name and extension) in the destination folder. For example, new.docx can be saved as new.docxf or new.pdf. In case you save new.docx as new.docx, SharePoint will overwrite it.

About SharePoint

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It is used as a secure place to store, organize and share information from any device. Using SharePoint, you can control access to your information and automate workflow processes across your organization.


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