How engineering school IMT Atlantique organizes document workflow with ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud

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With ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated into Nextcloud, the IMT Atlantique School of Engineering has improved document management. Read on for more details.

About IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique is a French engineering school and research center ranked among the top 400 world universities by THE World University Ranking. They research digital science, engineering, physics, and management and prepare future engineers with the students’ career goals and companies’ needs.

IMT Atlantique supports the principles of sustainable development by defining the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Policy as its strategy. It brings its expertise in research on smart cities, health and personal autonomy, and the industry of the future.



Previously, ITM Atlantique used multiple tools for sharing information and documents. With the development of remote work and learning and the desire to strengthen and raise awareness among its users about the confidentiality and security of information, ITM Atlantique realized that it needed to find a simple, user-friendly, and unified solution for all profiles.

Our goal was to switch from a basic and mixed sharing mode to a more collaborative mode.

IMT Atlantique discovered ONLYOFFICE through acquaintances and realized that the solution is an interesting alternative in the context of this research. After testing, they decided to opt for ONLYOFFICE online editors integrated with the Nextcloud platform.

By choosing ONLYOFFICE, IMT Atlantique has responded to its needs: to move from a mail exchange mode to a truly collaborative platform and to provide all its users with document editing of Excel and Word files. The university now has about 1,700 students and 700 staff members who use editors in their daily work and study.

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