How a German sports society overcame the pandemic challenges with ONLYOFFICE & Nextcloud

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A sports society from a small German town is using ONLYOFFICE Docs in combination with Nextcloud to organize effective work collaboration. Christian Hartmann, 2nd chairman, talks about his team’s experience.

About the sports society

Turnerschaft 1887 Marktredwitz-Dörflas is the largest and oldest sports association in Marktredwitz, a small town with around 20,000 inhabitants in the Fichtel Mountains in north-eastern Bavaria.

The society promotes sport, culture and customs. They have several sports departments such as badminton, boxing, gymnastics, table tennis and archery, an amateur theater and a carnival group. A special focus is, of course, on youth work.

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Christian Hartmann explains that they have already been using Nextcloud for some time and then discovered ONLYOFFICE. Since they had previously set up a Docker server, it was relatively easy to integrate ONLYOFFICE as well. The well-written documentation also helped with installation steps.

According to Christian, compatibility with Microsoft Office formats and easy integration into Nextcloud are the key arguments for using ONLYOFFICE Docs. Everything is running smoothly and if any integration errors occur, the developers quickly fix them.

Pandemic challenges

Thanks to ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud, the sports society was able to maintain and improve collaboration even without direct, personal contact during the pandemic crisis.

They no longer need to send documents by email and then merge different versions with effort. Instead, the employees can now efficiently edit documents and lists together in real time and are no more tied to any installed office applications.

As a result, the entire administration process is possible in a digital format and therefore it is more effective. Compared to other similar associations in the region, the Turnerschaft 1887 Marktredwitz-Dörflas was even able to overcome the pandemic time with more strength.

Christian Hartmann, 2nd chairman:

By using ONLYOFFICE in our Nextcloud, we were able to advance digitization in our association. We see ourselves well prepared for the future.

The sports society from Marktredwitz would definitely recommend the combination of Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE to small and medium-sized companies and organizations.

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