Fill in forms on the go with the updated ONLYOFFICE apps for iOS and Android

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Great news, everyone!

We have released new versions of ONLYOFFICE Documents for mobile devices to make it possible for you to work with fillable forms everywhere. Find out more about this improvement and other useful features in this post.

Open and fill out forms with ease on your mobile device

It doesn’t matter which mobile operating system you prefer, iOS or Android, the updated app ONLYOFFICE Documents allows you to work with ONLYOFFICE forms on both of them. You can view and fill in OFORMs on your mobile device and share them with other people for viewing via an external link and with portal users right from the app.

If you want to know more about ONLYOFFICE forms and how they work, read this post.

ONLYOFFICE Documents v5.3 for Android

Apart from support for ONLYOFFICE forms, the updated mobile app for Android comes with several general improvements. Now you can:

  • set up a password to prevent unauthorized access to your app;
  • activate the newly added dark mode for the app and the editors’ interface;
  • connect to Dropbox and OneDrive clouds directly without using the WebDAV protocol;
  • search for the required files in all folders on ONLYOFFICE portals;
  • quickly find what you need with an advanced Find and Replace feature.
Dark Mode

Version 5.3 offers some new features for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations:

  • new colour palette;
  • custom colour selection.
Custom colours

The spreadsheet editor also allows you to easily navigate through sheets and set a colour for sheet labels.

Try all the new features on your Android device for free:


ONLYOFFICE Documents v7.0 for iOS

The ONLYOFFICE app for Apple mobile phones and tablets received a bunch of useful improvements:

  • new colour palette;
  • font size adjustment with a slider;
  • format cleaning;
  • colour reset for highlighting and background colours;
  • connection with WebDAV via an EMM service or MDM server.

Download ONLYOFFICE Documents v7.0 for iOS right now:


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