Meet new ONLYOFFICE Personal: enhanced performance & optimized work on mobile devices

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We considerably upgraded ONLYOFFICE Personal to make your work with documents even faster and more comfortable. Read on to learn the details.

New technology

The revamped ONLYOFFICE Personal is based on ONLYOFFICE App Server. It uses new engines both for the server (.NET Core) and client (React) side what makes it faster, more powerful and stable.


One of the main advantages of the implemented App Server is that it’s cross-platform, which lets the application work smoothly both in the web and mobile environment.

Recently, we have also updated our free Documents app for iOS and Android which allows connecting your ONLYOFFICE Personal and working with docs stored there from native apps.

Enhanced user interface

Following the feedback from our users, we revised the design and mechanism of some features, e.g., granting access to a document, making the interface more ergonomic and user-friendly.

Updated interface translation

We updated translations for interface languages and continue to add missing units to make all the options fully completed. You can choose one of the 27 available interface languages while creating your personal office and then change it anytime in your profile.

In case you can’t find your native language in the list of the available ones, feel free to contact us at to take part in the translation and get rewards. For further details, refer to this article.

Ready to try?

So, the new ONLYOFFICE Personal is a modern web-based office for file management and document collaboration that meets all the user requirements, including flawless work on mobile devices.

Launch updated Personal

Please note: if you want to connect ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to the updated ONLYOFFICE Personal and work with your files from the desktop environment, you need to update the desktop app to version 6.4.2 to avoid any issues.

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