How to protect a PowerPoint file with a password in ONLYOFFICE

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Password protection allows storing and exchanging your local files securely. If someone accesses your desktop or gets the protected document, for example, via email, they won’t be able to open it without entering the set combination. Learn how to password-protect a PowerPoint presentation in ONLYOFFICE.

How to set a password for online presentations

To password-protect PowerPoint from editing in ONLYOFFICE Docs, you just need to go through the following steps:

  • Open your presentation and go to the File tab.
  • Select the Protect option and click the Add password button:

  • Enter a strong combination of characters, repeat it, and click OK:

How to password-protect pptx files on desktop

You can keep your slides safe on Windows, macOS, and Linux with ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

The steps are actually the same as described above. You are also able to do it from the Protection tab choosing the Encrypt option:

If you then upload a password-protected presentation created in the ONLYOFFICE desktop app to your online office, the protection will be preserved as well.

How to open password-protected PowerPoint

You need to enter the passcode every time you open the slides for editing. If you want to collaborate on the file, tell the secret word to your teammates. Otherwise, they won’t be able to access the presentation.

How to remove password protection from PowerPoint

If you want to create a new passcode or no longer need protection for your presentation, you can easily change or delete the password.

Go to the File tab, select the Protect option, and click the corresponding button:

How to unlock a password-protected PowerPoint presentation

If the pptx file contains important content and you don’t want to lose it, save the password using any appropriate manager service or memorize it, since no recovery feature is provided.

So, if you forget your password, there is no possibility to restore or reset it and unlock the PowerPoint file.

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