How CITIC Group implemented ONLYOFFICE Docs for effective collaboration in finance

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Today we are introducing CITIC Group, a financial conglomerate from Beijing, that integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs into the Chinese ECM DaoKe DOC+ to boost online document processing among their employees.

About CITIC Group

CITIC Group Corporation Ltd. is a state-owned investment company founded in 1979. Its headquarters located in Beijing employs tens of thousands of people.

Since its establishment, CITIC Group has been a pilot for national economic reform and China’s opening to the outside world. Its main goals include raising foreign capital, introducing advanced technologies, and adopting international practice in operation and management.

As of 2019, CITIC Group was China’s biggest state-run conglomerate with one of the largest pools of foreign assets in the world. In December 2019, it was selected as one of the top 100 brands in the China Brand Power Ceremony.

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CITIC Group has their own IT infrastructure with lots of services and apps implemented. While looking for document editing tools, they got to know about ONLYOFFICE Docs from one of our partners in China.

After comprehensive testing they found ONLYOFFICE features suitable for the company needs and integrated the online editors with the enterprise content management system DaoKe DOC+. For now, more than 800 CITIC Group employees use ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Convenient office solution

A combination of the DaoKe DOC+ and ONLYOFFICE Docs serves as a cross-functional online office suite for the CITIC Group staff.

Among the most useful features they list:

  • online editing,
  • document preview,
  • version management.

According to CITIC Group, they will recommend ONLYOFFICE Docs to other companies when encountering suitable projects.


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