Meet Apertium and DeepL: new translation plugins

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Great news everyone!

We have released two new translation plugins that you can use as an alternative to Google Translator. They bring integration with Apertium and DeepL services.

Both plugins allow you to quickly translate text within your documents. Just click the plugin and then select the phrase you want to translate.

Let’s have a closer look at them.


This plugin uses Apertium, a free open-source machine translation platform. It was developed to work with related languages (like Spanish and Catalan) but later was enhanced to work with language pairs that differ very much. Now it offers 51 stable language pairs.

It will suit those who want to use the translation service on their private network.

By default, the plugin uses the Apertium demo service with limited language pairs. To use it without limitations, you’ll need to install Apertium on your own server.

Read detailed instructions and download the plugin on GitHub.

Get Apertium plugin


This plugin uses DeepL Translator, a free neural machine translation service.

Developed by DeepL GmbH from Germany, DeepL Translator was launched in 2017. It got some really positive press and was called “more accurate and nuanced in some scenarios than leader Google Translate”. You can check whether this statement is true by installing it to your ONLYOFFICE instance!

Read detailed instructions and download the plugin on GitHub.

Get DeepL plugin

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