How to create an ebook from word document with ONLYOFFICE Document Editor v6.3

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Want to make your electronic book compatible with reader devices? Discover how to create an ebook from Word documents in ONLYOFFICE.

Ebook formats in ONLYOFFICE

Starting from version 6.3, ONLYOFFICE lets you convert Word docs to ebook formats EPUB and FB2.

EPUB advantages

  • Compatibility with most popular devices,
  • Support of multimedia elements (video, audio, images),
  • Adaptability to the screen of your device,
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection,
  • Standard format for the major ebook retailers (Apple, Amazon, Kobo etc.),
  • Many software for this format.

FB2 advantages

  • Simplicity and compatibility with virtually any reader,
  • Reduced file size,
  • Support of basic formatting, images, and interactive table of contents,
  • Suitable for fiction texts,
  • Manual font and color customization.

Choose the one that meets your requirements to create an ebook.

Convert Word doc to ebook in ONLYOFFICE

In ONLYOFFICE you can save content as an ebook. After you drafted your ebook, go to the File tab and make your choice.

Now you can find your ebook in downloads on your computer.

ONLYOFFICE offers multiple useful plugins for writing ebooks. You can correct typography, add YouTube videos, count words/characters/paragraphs, translate texts with Google, find synonyms, insert bibliographies from EasyBib, Mendeley, Zotero, and do even more. See all plugins

Discover how to create an ebook in ONLYOFFICE Docs in this video:

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