ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.3: Dark theme, 150% scaling, protecting files with passwords, updated reviewing

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Great news everyone!

The new version of our online editors brings a lot of long-awaited features and improvements.

Turn off the lights

ONLYOFFICE editors now have a Dark theme to facilitate your work at night or in dark environments.

We also added a new Light theme:

But if you don’t want any changes, the Classic Light theme is there for you too.

Where to find: File tab -> Advanced Settings -> Interface theme

Note: Unfortunately, you can’t change the theme in Internet Explorer 11.

Instructions in Help Center

Comfortable work on small HDPI monitors

In addition to 100% and 200%, we now support 150% scaling.

Where to find: Adjust your OS or browser settings, and the interface will be zoomed in accordingly.

Note: 125% and 175% scaling options are coming soon!

Protecting document with passwords

It’s also possible to protect your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with passwords so that no one is able to open the document without entering it.

Where to find: File tab -> Protect -> Add password
If you upload a password-protected file created in the desktop app, the protection will be preserved. To open the file, you’ll need to enter the password.

Instructions in Help Center

Saving Track Changes status to file

We updated reviewing: now you can enable Track Changes for everyone who has full access to the file or just for yourself.

After you close the doc, the Track Changes status will be saved. If you leave the Track Changes flag on, the next time you/your teammates open it, reviewing will remain enabled.

Where to find: Track Changes on the status bar or Collaboration tab -> Track Changes

Instructions in Help Center

New chart types to present your data

In version 6.3, you’ll find new types of charts: line to display trends over time and scatter to compare numeric values in two series.

Combo charts that help you present and analyze data from several charts are now fully supported — you can not only view but also create them in ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Instructions in Help Center

Quickly change text case

You can change the capitalization of selected text in a document and apply:

  • Sentence case matches a common sentence.
  • lowercase with all the letters small.
  • UPPERCASE with all letters capital.
  • Capitalize Each Word where each word starts with a capital letter.
  • tOGGLE cASE to reverse the case of the selected text.

Where to find: Home tab -> Change case

Organize your lists

In ONLYOFFICE Docs, you can create multilevel lists to organize your numbered/bulleted lists and outlines. Version 6.3 brings a new improvement — you can quickly change the list level.

Where to find: Home tab -> Bullets/Numbering -> Change list level. You can also use Tab.

Improvements in all editors

Hints for macros. If you want to create your own scripts to automate work with docs, we won’t leave you alone with this:

Want to know more about macros? Check out our examples

Faster spell-checking. We changed the way spell-checking works — it now runs in your browser which is way faster.

Adding files to Favorites. Want to mark your doc as a favorite for quick access? You can do it right from the editors’ interface. Version 11.5 of our collaboration platform is required.

Names for anonymous users. Shared files for external access via link to several users? You won’t have to guess who is who anymore. Your guests can now introduce themselves!

Improvements in document editor

New formats. We can now open XML and save to EPUB, FB2, and HTML.

Improvements in spreadsheet editor

XLOOKUP function. It helps you quickly look for a value in a dataset (vertical or horizontal) and return the corresponding value in some other row or column.

Grouping/ungrouping data in pivot tables. Data in pivot tables can be grouped according to custom requirements. Grouping is available for dates and numbers.

New cell formats. We now have mm/dd, mm/dd/yyyy, mm/dd/yy for dates and a new currency — Croatian kuna.

Improvements in presentation editor

  • Transparency setting to slide properties in the right panel.
  • Column setting for text in a shape on the toolbar.
  • Buttons for changing text case and highlighting text with color.
  • Animations created in other editors aren’t lost anymore.

Version 6.3 availability

Version 6.3 is available for the self-hosted versions of ONLYOFFICE Docs. It will appear in the cloud soon.

The desktop version will be released a bit later.

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  • ...ahh I'm dying could you please publish the Desktop Version of it ? Everything is in darkmode on my multiscreen setup I would love to not be blinded. Seriously this is the most anticipated feature since a while.

  • I've been eagerly waiting for this version for desktop and most expected feature for me is particularly dark mode. Also, I hope there are solved some bugs. Because I love your office product. It's the best alternative for Microsoft Office.

  • This is Exciting and I am looking forward to the desktop side release in due time! Thank you for the excellent Software and for all that you continue to do, seen and unseen!

    • Hello Eric! Thank you so much!

      There's a delay with the desktop editors because we have found a serious bug, but we hope that the app will be released soon

  • So ONLYoffice is my favorite office suite. Usually I was working on desktop and I had no issue there. But lately I needed to work on a laptop with an HDPI monitor and scaling was the only reason I was considering switching. Luckily for me you fixed that and I can continue using your awesome product. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  • Trying OnlyOffice again, first time in a years or two. Is looking very nice, but I can never figure out how to drag a column in a spreadsheet to a new position.

    In Excel I would click the column label (to select the entire column) then drag the column's highlighted outline while holding Shift.

    This way I can drag column C and drop it between A and B in a single efficient motion.

    Something I do all the time, so please let me know it is possible in OnlyOffice!?

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply, and passing the request on.

        The day that the function is added I'm sure will be the day I switch to OnlyOffice!

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