Call for translators: сontribute to ONLYOFFICE App Server

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We are developing a new solution — ONLYOFFICE App Server — and we need your help in translating it.

What is App Server?

ONLYOFFICE App Server is a platform to which you can connect our modules (Documents, Projects, Mail, etc.) packed as separate apps.

Developers will be able to customize the existing apps, upgrade them, and create new ones their team/clients need.

Read more about App Server here.

Is it ready yet?

It’s a work in progress but we soon are releasing a version with two modules/apps — People and Documents.

By installing it and connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs you will get a scalable document management system where your team can store, edit, and collaborate on documents from any device.

How to help?

At the moment we need translators. Contact us at specifying your name and language. If you also want to beta test the new solution, add this info as well.

We’ll provide you access to our translation system and all the instructions.

Will there be any rewards?

Along with the early access to ONLYOFFICE App Server, membership in the ONLYOFFICE translator community brings you one of these rewards: 

  • free ONLYOFFICE Home Server for professional document editing at home,
  • free ONLYOFFICE cloud with no user limitations and 2GB of storage,
  • your personal discount on the self-hosted solution of your choice.

Please specify which one you prefer in your message. 

If you have questions or ideas you want to share with us, use the comment section below or tweet us at @only_office.

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