ONLYOFFICE partners with Edissyum consulting to encourage the digital transformation of French companies

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We are proud to announce our official partnership with Edissyum consulting. ONLYOFFICE Docs enriches Edissyum’s offer with powerful online document editors that ensure 100% digital document processing.

To learn more about our cooperation, read this article.

About Edissyum

Edissyum consulting is a French integrator and developer of open-source solutions for the entire lifecycle of companies’ information. Edissyum provides local authorities and enterprises with cost-saving tools and services that help capture, distribute, manage, store and archive different office documents in a secure, highly structured, and legally compliant manner.

ONLYOFFICE-Edissyum cooperation: main goals

In 2020, we announced the integration with Maarch Courrier that has brought us a new promising partnership. A certified partner and integrator of Maarch open-source solutions since 2011, Edissyum became an official reseller of ONLYOFFICE.

Cédric Rouire, CEO at Edissyum, explains that this partnership with ONLYOFFICE builds a new distribution channel and enables them to respond to clients’ needs in a more efficient way:

The main goal of this partnership is to be recognized as ONLYOFFICE official reseller on the French market. By distributing ONLYOFFICE Docs as a part of Maarch Courrier, we equip our clients with a solid and reliable alternative to the well-known editing tools. We also provide professional technical support to them.

Edissyum’s experts have identified the main advantages of the online office suite:

  • modular and flexible solution, easily adaptable to the customers’ needs;
  • perfect compatibility with MS Office file formats;
  • smooth integration with other popular collaboration tools;
  • transparent pricing model.

First successful results

Edissyum clients use ONLYOFFICE Docs within Maarch Courrier :

This online office suite successfully replaces online editors such as Collabora Online. ONLYOFFICE Docs helps avoid using obsolete NPAPI plugins. These components that are responsible for data rendering, are blocked by many web browsers.

The users and community appreciate an easy installation with Docker and the ability to work on office documents right inside Maarch Courrier on any device.

Gaël Cordon, Head of Professional Services at Edissyum consulting, notes:

Previously, the customer support team had to solve many issues related to document editing via the Java app (especially after updates of the app) and Word. Thanks to the integration of ONLYOFFICE Docs, the number of complaints has significantly decreased.

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