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Our contributors include not only technical writers, translators, and coders – but also visual content creators. Today, we want to tell you about Vlog Market, an animation studio that creates video blogs and provides voice-overs for all kinds of video content.

About Vlog Market

Vlog Market is an American studio that came up with a wonderful idea to revolutionize blogging and convert text articles into shareable, bite-size videos that give stories a new life, adapting it to the modern media environment where people choose fast, informative visual content to browse on-the-go.

The team takes on the whole production from scratch: composing the scripts, creating 2D or whiteboard style animation, and doing professional voice-overs with any attitudes and accents.
For our project, Vlog Market has created a Year-In-Review video showing our journey through 2020:

More than that, we’ve been working with Vlog Market for a while now, making voice-overs for our promotional and educational videos for our YouTube channel.

Want to become an ONLYOFFICE contributor?

If you are a video designer, a writer, a translator, or a creator of any other content and would like to become a part of ONLYOFFICE team, our doors are open for everyone to join. Drop us an email at and share your ideas – we will reach out to you and discuss how we can collaborate.

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