ONLYOFFICE connector for Confluence: version 2.4.1 released with connection to the demo server

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Good news!

We updated our integration app for Confluence. The new connector version brings several useful options such as connection to the demo server and file creation, and is compatible with Confluence 7.9 and 7.10. Read on for more details.

Ability to create documents

From now on, you can create new text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (docx, xlsx, and pptx files) on your Attachments page.

Just click the ‘New document’ button and select the needed format. A new file will be created and opened with ONLYOFFOCE Docs.

Connection to the demo server

This newly released option allows users to test our online editors within Confluence without actual installation of ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server).

Go to Confluence administration -> Manage apps -> ONLYOFFICE Connector for Confluence -> Configure. Check the ‘Connect to demo ONLYOFFICE Document Server’ box and click the Save button.

Please note: this is a public test server that will be available within 30 days. Don’t use it with your sensitive data.

On this ONLYOFFICE admin settings page, you will also find a newly added “eye button” in the Secret key field that allows you to hide/show the characters while typing.

Button to open file location

While working on a document with ONLYOFFICE Docs within Confluence, you are now able to go back to the Attachments page right from the editors. Just click the ‘Open file location’ button in the upper right corner:

About ONLYOFFICE connector for Confluence

A ready-to-use connector allows smoothly integrating ONLYOFFICE Docs with Confluence. Thus, users are able to edit and co-author documents, spreadsheets, and presentations of all popular file formats right within their collaboration platform.

Configuration page in the Confluence administration settings allows users to manage their ONLYOFFICE server address and JWT secret key that protects documents from unauthorized access.

Both free community and enterprise versions of ONLYOFFICE Docs can be integrated, depending on the team size and professional needs of the organization.


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