Use Force Save for documents shared between federated ownCloud instances with ONLYOFFICE connector v6.2.1

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Great news, everyone!

Version 6.2.1 of ONLYOFFICE connector for ownCloud is already available. The updated integration app allows you to use the Force Save feature when editing documents shared between federated onwCloud instances. Keep reading to find out more.

Force Save in federated ownCloud instances

The Force Save feature that makes it possible to manually save the intermediate versions of a document during the editing session was introduced in version 6.0.1. However, this feature was available only when editing documents stored on your ownCloud instance.

Starting from version 6.2.1, you can use Force Save when editing documents shared between various federated ownCloud instances. With this feature enabled, you don’t need to worry that your document can be lost, for example, if you have a slow Internet connection. Moreover, it’s a good option for those who want to control everything when editing and collaborating on documents shared between federated instances.

Read this article to find out more about how Force Save works in ownCloud.

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