Meet ONLYOFFICE Docs 6.1 with advanced filtering for spreadsheets and endnotes for documents

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Hello everyone!

The new version of ONLYOFFICE Docs is available for those who host our editors in-house.

Ready to learn more about the updates?

Sheet View for collaboration on spreadsheets

With Sheet View feature, you can create a filter that only changes your view of the data, without affecting your collaborators. It really helps when you are working on big spreadsheets together!

You can name views and save them for further use. The views you created will be available to anyone who have full access to your file. It’s also possible to create different sheet views for your collaborators so that they can quickly access the most relevant information.

Where to find: View tab. At the moment the feature is available in commercial versions only.

Easily edit chart data

The work with charts in ONLYOFFICE spreadsheets has been improved. You can easily edit and rearrange the data series and categories, as well as change the way that data is plotted by swapping rows and columns.

Where to find: Chart setting on the left panel -> Select data.

Endnotes and cross-references for academic work

The document editor now allows working with the new types of references that can be useful for your academic work β€” endnotes and cross-references.

Endnotes are references placed at the end of a section or a document. You can create and edit endnotes, convert all your footnotes to endnotes and vice versa as well as swap them or delete with one click.

Where to find: References tab -> Footnote menu

Cross-references allow creating links to other parts of the document you are working on β€” charts, tables, bookmarks, etc. They appear links that take the reader to the referenced item.

Where to find: References tab -> Cross-reference button

Line counting to refer to specific lines

ONLYOFFICE document editor can automatically count the lines in a document and display the number beside each line of your text. This is useful when you need to refer to specific lines in, for example, a legal contract.

Where to find: Layout tab -> Line numbers button

New proofing options

All three editors also got new proofing options β€” you can now edit math autocorrect options for equations and decide which expressions should be recognized as functions.

In documents and spreadsheets, you can also choose whether you want to use autocorrect as you type, for example, create numbered or bulleted lists automatically.

Where to find: File tab -> Advanced settings -> Proofing -> AutoCorrect options button

Availability of version 6.1

The version is currently available for the self-hosted versions. We have updated Docker, rpm/deb, and exe packages.

The desktop app and the editors in the public cloud will be available soon.

If you tried the new version and want to share your thoughts, write comments below, or tweet to us.

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