How to install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on SparkyLinux

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Need document editing and ultimate compatibility with Microsoft formats on your SparkyLinux machine? Then ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is for you.

About SparkyLinux

SparkyLinux is a lightweight Debian-based Linux distribution from Poland. With several desktop environments available, including Enlightenment, KDE Plasma and LXDE, SparkyLinux makes user experience and navigation fast and simple. Acceptable system requirements make the distribution suitable for virtually every machine and it is definitely a good idea, if your PC has rather modest specifications.

The distribution lets you install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors via Sparky repository. The project updates it regularly and promptly — version 6.1 is already available!


How to install Desktop Editors on SparkyLinux

There are generally two ways to get Desktop Editors on your SparkyLinux machine.

The first one is to use terminal. Just open it and enter this commands:

apt update
apt install onlyoffice-desktopeditors

Alternatively, you can just find it in APTus, a native tool on SparkyLinux to install and remove packages. To do so, open Menu -> System Tools -> APTus.

In the opened window choose Office and find ONLYOFFICE in the directory.

Done! Now just launch Desktop Editors as usual.

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