Whaller integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs to enrich its digital workplace with a 100% European office suite

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Our client Whaller, a French platform for secure collaborative networks, launches its own office suite Whaller 365 based on ONLYOFFICE Docs. Through this integration, Whaller offers its users a complete sovereign solution for viewing, creating, sharing, editing, and collaborating on office documents directly in their Whaller spheres. For more details, read this article.

About Whaller

Whaller is a platform of secure collaborative networks guaranteeing the confidentiality of its users’ data. Thanks to an exclusive system of separated “spheres”, users can create and manage an infinite number of social networks from a single account. On Whaller, each user controls their communications, communities, and audiences.

The platform offers a variety of features: corporate social networks, project management, collaboration, personal networks, etc. Whaller addresses all types of structures: companies, administrations, associations, educational institutions, ministries, families. Created in May 2013, today Whaller counts over 500 000 users and more than 25 000 networks.

Why launch a sovereign European office suite

This year’s global health crisis has proven the importance of digital sovereignty. To organize work activities and manage business processes remotely, more and more companies are switching to European online productivity platforms that guarantee privacy of their users’ data securely hosted in Europe.

To make its collaboration platform more competitive, the Whaller team has decided to add long-awaited editing and co-authoring features. Which office suite should they choose to meet users’ needs and security requirements?

As explains Thomas Fauré, President of Whaller, this question didn’t even arise:

We didn’t consider any alternative options, because this Latvian suite fit all our criteria. We have chosen to deploy our own instance of the ONLYOFFICE Docs and worked hard on this integration to provide our users with a complete solution whose user experience is very similar to that of the tools they are familiar with.

ONLYOFFICE Docs within Whaller

Thomas Fauré outlines that the integration of ONLYOFFICE Docs with the document boxes in Whaller’s spheres, secure spaces for private conversations, is a very important milestone. Each sphere has a box that can be used to store and manage documents. Within the Whaller platform, ONLYOFFICE Docs got a new name: it is called Whaller 365. Connected to the document box, this office suite enables sphere members to view, create, share, modify, and co-edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time.

To create a new document or import an existing file from your computer, click on the “+” icon in the sphere box menu.

You can view any document in a sphere box by simply clicking on it or select the “Edit online” option to begin making modifications.

You are also able to access a document from the sphere box menu by clicking on the “…” icon next to the document. This will open the file in a new window and allow you to start editing or co-editing.

If multiple users are editing the document at the same time, their changes will appear instantaneously to all members, along with their names. They can leave comments, start a real-time conversation with their colleagues working on the same document, and even more.

To learn more about available features, read the Whaler documentation or watch this video.

Along with productivity features and ease of use, there are other advantages such as:

  • based on ONLYOFFICE Docs, the Whaller 365 office suite is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats and does not require any software installation.
  • ONLYOFFICE provides a collection of add-ons that allow completing your digital workplace with necessary tools.

Although quite new, this integration is highly appreciated by the Whaller users who have been waiting for it especially since the transition to remote work. With Whaller 365, they have at their disposal powerful online tools to process office documents without switching between several applications.

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