Version 6.0.2 of ONLYOFFICE Docs with integrated test example for Community Edition

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Great news everyone!

We have just released version 6.0.2  with the integrated test example available for Community Edition of ONLYOFFICE Docs. It helps you to quickly test the editors before integration with the platform of your choice (e.g. Nextcloud, ownCloud).

What is test example

By default, ONLYOFFICE Docs (packaged as Document Server) include only the editors for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. To start using them, you have to integrate the editors either with our platform (ONLYOFFICE Groups packaged as Community Server) or with another sync and share app.

But what if you want to test the editors before integration? The test example is a simple doc management system that helps you check if the editors are running correctly and have a look at their functionality.

Previously, the integrated test example was available for commercial builds only, but now it’s available for the free one too.

How it looks

Here is the Document Server start screen before the release of version 6.0.2:

Now forget it. You’ll never see it again.

Starting from this version, the start screen looks like this:

The integrated test example is disabled by default, but you can see the instructions on how to start it on your screen.

After starting the example, you’ll see this at `http://docserverurl/example` (this is the default address, it may differ for your installation):

What you can do with the integrated test example

  • upload local files to see how they will look in ONLYOFFICE Docs,
  • create new docx, xlsx, and pptx files,
  • test the editors’ functionality,
  • open files in different sharing modes available in ONLYOFFICE (for reviewing/commenting, etc),
  • and much more.

If you face any issues, the test example will also help you detect whether Document Server is running correctly and what’s the source of your problem — the editors or something else.

Where to check the source code and report issues

You can view the text example source code and report issues here.

Note that the test example included by default is written on Node.js. You can take a look at test examples written in other languages here.

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