How ONLYOFFICE integrated into Toutatice streamlines collaboration in schools and colleges of the Rennes Academy

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Discover how the Academy of Rennes enabled the ONLYOFFICE editors in their digital work environment Toutatice to make possible real-time online collaboration and improve the interaction between all those involved in the educational process.

About Toutatice

The digital work environment Toutatice was developed by the Rennes Academy in cooperation with the Brittany Regional Authority and deployed in 2007. Toutatice, based on free software, centralizes content and tools (news, productivity apps, digital resources, web mail, etc.) for all actors of the learning process: teachers, students, parents, administrative staff.

A teacher, a student, or a school librarian can create and share content, find useful information, access knowledge base, organize classroom routine, communicate, work alone or in a group. The parents are able to follow their children’s progress and school life.

Every day over 200 000 users connect to Toutatice.

ONLYOFFICE in the Toutatice environment

In their day-to-day administrative and educational activities, the Toutatice users need to edit and co-author texts, spreadsheets, and presentations. To provide them with efficient tools, the developers of the platform have decided to integrate an online office suite.

Through the magic of word of mouth, ONLYOFFICE has been chosen to extend Toutatice’s functionality. Arnaud Rupin, Development manager, IT System Department, at the Rennes Academy, explains:

We have chosen ONLYOFFICE because our trusted partner shared with us a very positive experience of using the ONLYOFFICE solutions.

Users can access the editors directly from their personal or collaborative environment simply by clicking on the “Edit” button on the right-side menu:

More comfortable and reliable than an exchange of e-mails and documents, available anywhere, ONLYOFFICE allows:

  • importing or creating a document;
  • editing and formatting DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX file formats;
  • easily sharing lectures, handouts, student’s works, essays for co-authoring.

For more details, watch this tutorial in French.

The ONLYOFFICE editor’s interface within Toutatice

Arnaud Rupin is optimistic about the further use of ONLYOFFICE for educational purposes:

In addition to the most common use cases in an administrative context, we widely use ONLYOFFICE in the educational frame: writing workshops, group work for class projects, ability to assign homework to individuals, groups or a whole class, review and make corrections to students’ essays and other written assignments, share results with parents to keep them in the loop.

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