How ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud ensure seamless document collaboration and file sharing at ACT Translations

5 October 2020By Sergey

Some time ago, ACT Translations, our contributor from Germany, implemented ONLYOFFICE online editors and integrated them with Nextcloud to lay the groundwork for an efficient workflow. Keep reading to find out more about their experience.
How ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud ensure seamless document collaboration and file sharing at ACT Translations

About ACT

ACT is a Germany-based language service provider (LSP) with offices in Germany, England, Austria and Switzerland. ACT Translations has been offering a full range of professional services in more than 30 European and Asian languages, including translation, localization and language expertise, for more than three decades.

Everyday needs of a big language service provider

As an international company with offices in 4 countries, ACT has always faced a problem with internal collaboration. The whole team is decentralised, and some employees work remotely. As a result, internal collaboration on documents took a lot of time and efforts.

Also, a big document workflow within the company has always required a large storage capacity to keep all the files and documents safe and share them both internally and with external clients.

With these needs in mind, ACT started looking for a reliable file sync & share platform with collaboration capabilities to enhance internal productivity.

Why ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud

From publications on the web, ACT heard of ownCloud, and a bit later they came across Nextcloud. The latter made a more modern impression and its additional features, such as collaboration tools, were really persuasive.

The choice in favour of ONLYOFFICE was made due to its rich collaborative features and outstanding compatibility with MS Office formats. ONLYOFFICE’s user-friendly and well-structured interface also made a good impression.

There were some other alternatives under consideration, for example, Office 365 with SharePoint/OneDrive, but this solution was discarded due to privacy concerns.

How ONLYOFFICE makes things easier

The main advantage of implementing ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud is delivering much faster results. Now the employees at ACT spend less time on document collaboration and file sharing since they don’t have to switch between different applications. All this can be effortlessly done within one solution.

Another advantage is full compatibility with MS formats, so the company’s employees don’t have any problems when working on documents created with other office suites.

On top of that, ONLYOFFICE file sharing permissions allow setting flexible access to documents, and any document can be shared with external customers via a public link within seconds.

The main features of ONLYOFFICE which are widely used at ACT are:

  • collaborative capabilities;
  • full compatibility with MS Office formats;
  • flexible sharing permissions;
  • seamless integration with Nextcloud.

Hüseyin Ugurel, Chief Digital Officer at ACT, says:

We are capable of collaborating in a more centralized and efficient way by using the ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud solution. It helps us to process documents with our colleagues and our customers on a daily basis.