ONLYOFFICE connector 5.0.0 for Nextcloud: Apache license, version history, certificate verification settings and more

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Good news, everyone!

We have updated ONLYOFFICE integration app for Nextcloud to v5.0.0 bringing version history, certificate verification settings and other improvements as well as changing its licence to Apache. Learn more about the new release from this post.

New license

From now on ONLYOFFICE integration app for Nextcloud is distributed under Apache 2.0. That means that users can use the application as well as modify and distribute it without limitations.

Version history

The updated app makes it possible to check the changes made to a document and see who made these changes using the Version History option.

To see all the versions of a document and changes to it, just follow these steps:

  • Open the required document.
  • Click the File icon on the left sidebar.
  • Select the Version History option.
  • Select the version you need.
  • This version will be displayed, and all the changes will be highlighted.

Certificate verification settings

If you use a self-signed certificate for your ONLYOFFICE Document Server, you probably know that Nextcloud doesn’t validate such certificates and doesn’t allow connection to/from your ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

To solve this issue, you don’t have to change the Nextcloud config file manually anymore. For your convenience, we have added a special option in the administration settings of your Nextcloud instance. Just check the corresponding option to disable certificate verification.

Support for setting the interface language to Japanese

The updated app allows Japanese speaking users to switch to their native language and comfortably use ONLYOFFICE online editors within their Nextcloud instance.

If your native language is not available yet, you can always become part of our translators community and help us translate ONLYOFFICE into the language you speak. Read this article to learn how to join in and get cool rewards for your contribution to our project.

Other improvements

  • OpenDocument templates (.ott .otp .ots formats) are supported;
  • a stylised loader is added when creating a document;
  • the sharing tab in the editor opens correctly.

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  • > Good news, everyone!

    Huh? Moving from the AGPL to Apache license? No copyleft anymore?

    Can't see **any** good part at this statement. Maybe this is in the wrong section by accident, because the other stuff in this article actually looked good.

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