ONLYOFFICE brings its powerful document editors to the enterprise social network Talkspirit

In June 2020, Talkspirit, a French developer of digital collaboration solutions, integrated the ONLYOFFICE online editors to allow its users to create, work and collaborate in real time on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations without switching between multiple apps. For more details, read this article.

About Talkspirit

Talkspirit is the complete communication and collaboration software that facilitates teamwork on a daily basis. The Talkspirit solution brings together on a single platform key social and collaborative features (chat, videoconferencing, groups, file sharing, document co-editing, etc.) to smooth the flow of information internally. It works together seamlessly with all the apps, tools, and services that your business already uses. Talkspirit provides a bunch of native integrations that are easy to set up and easy to use – over 1000 integrations are available. 

In 2020, GetApp, a world-renowned software comparison site, has placed Talkspirit on the world podium of its evaluations in two categories: it finishes first in the category “instant messaging and chat” and the second in “remote work”. Talkspirit is trusted by over 500 clients (SMEs, institutions, and associations) and 150 000 users, in France and beyond.


After having identified this need to integrate efficient document processing tools into the collaborative environment, the Talkspirit team has considered many office suites. Their main goal was to provide users with reliable, European solution to guarantee the confidentiality of data.

At the very beginning, the Talkspirit developers have created their own solution but it was not powerful enough to collaborate efficiently on complex documents. The Collabora suite was put aside for reasons related to ergonomy. Finally, through the magic of word of mouth, the clients of Talkspirit who have already been using ONLYOFFICE, have suggested trying the integration with the ONLYOFFICE suite. Its wide range of editing and co-editing tools and open-source code have determined the choice.

ONLYOFFICE within the Talkspirit environment

Based on the existing integration examples given in the ONLYOFFICE documentation, the Talkspirit developers successfully created their own integration app that connects the Talkspirit instance with the latest version of ONLYOFFICE online editors. Within the Talkspirit platform, this module is called OfficeNow.

When OfficeNow is enabled, 3 document icons appear above the news feed and in the file space.

To access the editors’ interface, just click on the icon of your choice:

Successful experience

Among available ONLYOFFICE features, the Talkspirit clients and their users appreciate:

  • opening and reading MS documents;
  • creating, editing, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with all users in groups;
  • saving and accessing these documents in the Files area attached to the group.

And last but not least, all documents are securely hosted in France on the OVHcloud instance.

Philippe Pinault, CEO and Co-founder at Talkspirit, is glad about the first achieved results:

ONLYOFFICE has quickly become a really important part of our platform because it reinforces our position as a French challenger of Microsoft Teams and Slack. Our clients appreciate its ease of use and smoothy collaboration on documents. I am glad that we have found a reliable office solution, 100% made in the European Union, that brings us as close as possible to the customer needs.


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