The new version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is available

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Great news everyone!

The new version of our desktop editors is here, and it’s now possible to open multiple docs in several windows. The editors also caught up with the online version and got many new features.

Read about all the updates 5.5 below, in this post.

Opening several documents in multiple windows

Need to have a look at several documents at once? Have two or more monitors? Now it’s your time! And, yes, gifs speak louder than words.

We hope this will make your work with ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors more comfortable!

Please note that this option is now available for Windows and Linux. For Mac users, it will be added later.

Desktop app catches with the online version

The features you are already using in online editors are now available in the desktop app:

  • In document editor: mirror/gutter margins to prepare your docs for publishing and captions for images, charts, tables, and other objects to structure your illustrations.
  • In spreadsheet editor: custom sorting rules to quickly analyze your data, bulk actions with worksheets, re-calculating formulas, new settings – custom separator and spellchecking rules.
  • In presentation editor: adding objects to the placeholder and instant slide reset.
  • In all editors: advanced settings for lists – changing alignment, bullets size/color, choosing new types of bullets from the symbol table and managing multilevel lists.

Get ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for Linux (deb, rpm, snap, and AppImage are ready, flatpak will be available a bit later), Windows, and Mac.


The source code of ONLYOFFICE Document Editors is available on GitHub on terms of AGPLv3 license. If you have technical problems, you can report an issue in the desktop editors’ repository.

Want to contribute to ONLYOFFICE?

Translate ONLYOFFICE to your languages or proofread the existing translation. Details here.

You can also help us improve spellchecking in your language by recommending good open-source dictionaries.

Or just spread the word about ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. Tell your friends, tweet or write a blog post, anything will do!

Tried the new version? Share your impressions with us here, in comments, or tweet us at @only_office.

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  • I am using the App OnlyOffice Desktop Editors on an iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013) running macOS Catalina 10.15.4. Yesterday I received the update to version 5.5.1. I am really happy that an annoying bug has finally been fixed: Fonts installed by the user himself can now finally be used again. Since the installation of the new version, however, a new bug has crept into the program: In version 5.5.1 the spell checker unfortunately no longer works. Can you confirm this?

        • This bug is caused by an int64 identifier truncated to 32 bits. It has already been fixed in the repository, but for some reason the Mac desktop version is not built from the 5.5.1 source tree.

          Until a new version is released, you can fix this yourself.
          Install the Mac version of ONLYOFFICE 5.5.1 to the Applications folder and run it, test if the bug is really still there, if so, quit ONLYOFFICE, download onlyoffice.txt from, save it to your Downloads folder and use the following command in a Terminal to patch ONLYOFFICE:

          xxd -r ~/Downloads/onlyoffice.txt /Applications/

          (If you get a "permission denied" error, make sure you're logged in as an administrator, and if it still doesn't work, use "sudo" in front of the command [sudo xxd...].)

          Restart the app and the spell checker should work again.

          • If you are on macOS 10.14 or later, you also have to resign the app for the patch to work. Use this command in a Terminal:

            codesign -f -s- --deep /Applications/

            If you don't have the necessary developer tools installed, macOS will offer to download them at this point.

  • just downloaded the macos desktop app (OnlyOffice v6.0(414)) and I can't make the window any smaller or open it side by side with other windows. I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020), Processor = 3.1 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 & Memory = 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

    • Hello!

      Both are known bugs we have in our internal bug tracker. We will pass your request to the developers for them to fix the bugs sooner.

  • hello,I have deployed the documentserver on the remote linux server,then use java to call the API to realize the collaborative editing function.Now,I encountered a problem,one man upload a document, it will create a new URL,other people can edit the same document together through this URL,but when all of them closed the edit window,they cannot edit that document through the URL any more,if they open the URL,it will remind them the document version had changed……they only can view the document,cannot edit. Do any one has good idea to solve this problem,thanks very much

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