Call for contributors: ONLYOFFICE user documentation

29 April 2020By Sergey

If you want to make ONLYOFFICE better and more available for as many people as possible all over the world, this article is for you. Today we are going to tell you how you can contribute to our project and improve it.

ONLYOFFICE documentation contribution

We would like to invite you to collaborate on ONLYOFFICE documentation. By writing new articles in English and translating our content into other languages, you will help other people learn more about ONLYOFFICE.

How to contribute

There are two ways how to improve our project:

  • creating new content in English

We are looking for authors who can create content for ONLYOFFICE Help Center or ONLYOFFICE blog. The content we need is articles, tutorials, how-to guides and videos.

  • translating the existing materials into your language

We are looking for translators who can translate documentation for ONLYOFFICE Help Center or posts for ONLYOFFICE blog. The required languages are German, French, Spanish and Italian. If you are proficient in another language, we will be delighted to discuss our cooperation personally.



Who can contribute

Anyone can contribute to ONLYOFFICE documentation. We especially welcome the contributions by ONLYOFFICE users. The only requirement is having a good knowledge of English and written fluency in another language. If you meet this requirement, we’d love to collaborate with you as soon as possible!

About the publication process

The publication process can be described as apply, write, revise and publish.

  • Apply: Apply to the program with your topic idea or the link to the article you want to translate. All applications should be submitted to us at

Tip: if you are in need of inspiration, take a look at this list of tutorials we are particularly interested in having translated and the list of topics to write about.

  • Write: If your topic is approved, it is time to write and translate.
  • Revise: Submit your first draft and collaborate with a member of our team to revise your work.
  • Publish: After revisions, we will send your reward and publish your content.
What you will get for your contribution

We believe that any hard work should be fairly rewarded. That’s why by contributing to the ONLYOFFICE project you can get:

  • a free ONLYOFFICE cloud with no user limitations and 2 GB of storage;
  • a discount for ONLYOFFICE self-hosted solutions;
  • Free ONLYOFFICE Home Server;
  • financial rewards.
Financial rewards

The first few translations will be voluntary. If you publish three translations of good quality, you will be invited to join our payment scheme. The more you translate, the better rewards you get!

Short post Medium post Long post
Bronze (3+ translations) $3 $5 $7
Silver (25+ translations) $5 $8 $12
Gold (100+ translations) $9 $13 $18

Apart from translating, you can also proof read the existing articles and tutorials and update the previous translations:

  • Short post – $2;
  • Medium post – $3;
  • Long post – $4.

The payment scheme for authors is going to be really simple. We are currently thinking about the details, but you can be sure: the more you write, the better rewards you get!!

We define post length both for authors and translators as follows:

  • Short post: less than 900 words.
  • Medium post: from 900 words up to 1,800.
  • Long post: more than 1,800 words.

For financial rewards, an Upwork account is required. Registration is free.
If you want to join our initiative or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comments section below or tweet us at @only_office. Your feedback is always appreciated!