Integration Edition at home: 10 users for $99

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We are launching a new tariff plan for those who need professional editing features at home. It is called Home Server and includes all the features of Integration Edition + mobile web editors for 10 users.


Why we add Home Server

In ONLYOFFICE editors v5.5, commercial versions got more professional features. Also, mobile web editors are no longer available in free Community Edition.

After the release, we got many requests for an affordable tariff plan with paid features and mobile editors for individuals. Here it comes.

What is included
  • Online document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors for integration with a sync and share solution of your choice (e.g. ownCloud, Nextcloud, Seafile). All integrations>>>
  • Professional editing functionality, including document comparison, new content control types. About version 5.5>>>
  • Mobile web editors*.
  • Lifetime license + 1 year of updates.
  • Up to 10 users maximum.

*At the moment mobile web editing is available for those who use ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition together with ownCloud and Nextcloud. For other integrations, mobile editing will be added later.

First-month discount

Home Server costs $149, but during the first month after launch, you can buy it for $99! The discount is valid until April 19.

UPD: The price of $99 is valid through May 31.


Please note that technical support is not included but you are always welcome to ask your questions on GitHub and our developers’ forum.

A free 30-day trial is also available. You can start it here.

Free for contributors

We are also ready to share Home Server for free with our contributors, translators and those who help us spread the word. Learn more about contributing to ONLYOFFICE on this page.

You can contact us at to learn the details.

About mobile web editors

Unfortunately, mobile web editors are no longer available in ONLYOFFICE Community Edition. We were forced to do this to prevent IT companies from capturing all the value from the hard work of ONLYOFFICE developers without paying salaries to people, license fees to the company behind or even contributing back to the project in any other way.

Earlier other open-source companies had to consider a more closed approach in their licensing. We hope that the actions we have taken will help us avoid adopting such severe measures and that the majority of our users will understand that we only do this to keep our project and our team safe.

Also, we don’t want to deprive our users of mobile editors, so we continue developing our free native apps for iOS and Android. Recently, we have added work with documents from 3rd-party storages via WebDAV.

Have questions? Use the comments section below or just tweet us at @only_office.

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  • As a home users Im intersted in Home Server edition, mainly to support you guys for good work, but even after looking in comparsion of editions, Im still getting confused, about what do I get if buy it. If I get it right, with Home Server I get document server with integration edition feature set, but its community server included? and if so, whit what feature set, and is there more edition of comunnity server? I must say, that you have so many version and edition of 3??? main products, that normal visitor of this website looking for information get lost very quickly...

  • Thx for your answer. If is not included (community server) wouldnt be nice to have a complete home edition of everything for your tiny home customers?

  • I too have been waiting for a long time for a personnel version, I did buy the Integrated home server to support the project, because I think its a great project.
    But I too would like to see a package a complete solution for the home users.

    • I wholeheartedly support what Chuck & FreeMan had said. This new "Home Server" looks like a half baked product at this point. Please get 2-3 engineers a few weeks to seamlessly integrate Community Server into the a complete Home Server.

      At minimum, have an engineer spend a day or two to develop a setup app that install all the components with proper configuration files ready to go.

      IMO, $99/one time or $7.99/month subscription would be a steal for the "Home Server".

  • Wait what? (I need a document editor for my nextcloud)
    The community server offers capacity for 20 users? Right? And when I pay for the integration edition I can support only 10 users??? Yes there is added mobile web editor, but I don't really work on my phone and the other features are small additions. What's going on, why paying users get less user capacity or did I totally misunderstand this pricing model?

    • Hi Jimbo!

      Thanks for your question.

      1) In the case of Community Edition, we don't offer 20 users, we offer 20 simultaneous connections = 20 tabs with docs opened for editing. In the case of Home Server, we offer 10 users with an unlimited number of connections.
      2) The toolset of pro features will be expanding.

  • Hello, I find OnlyOffice really interesting and very promising solution, and I want to support you team by purchasing home version option, but I totally do not understand the benefits of the Home version over the Community edition. Could you please explain what are the benefits between Community version and Home server? I was able to identify the following:
    + 10 users with unlimited connections (community version allows 20 connections)
    + mobile editors (none in community version)
    + appreciation for hard work

    • Hi! I also replied to your other comment, but I will reply to this one too.

      + 10 users with unlimited connections (community version allows 20 connections)

      You identified this one correctly. 1 connection = one browser tab with the editors. So if you have one document opened if 2 tabs you are using 2 connections. If your friend opens this doc in 1 tab as well, altogether you will be using 3 connections. Ten users available for Home Server can edit an unlimited number of docs at the same time. But Community Edition users can edit only 20.

      + mobile editors (none in community version)

      True. You can work in your mobile web browser only if you have the paid version.

      + appreciation for hard work


      + Pro features (document comparison, sheet views, content controls).

      All popular questions about Home Server answered in this post:

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