ONLYOFFICE integrates with kDrive: security, collaboration, and more productivity

We were made for each other: ONLYOFFICE online editors, reliable and precise as a Swiss watch, and kDrive, the cloud developed by Infomaniak, a leading Swiss web hosting company with 25 years’ experience. Read this article to learn more about our audacious integration.


kDrive, the most secure cloud for SMEs and individuals

kDrive is an online cloud storage and collaboration solution. To guarantee the privacy of users, kDrive offers secure storage spaces: all hosted data is encrypted and permanently saved on at least three media in two data centers exclusively located in Switzerland and owned by Infomaniak.

The service is positioned as a solid alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox. Infomaniak Drive offers all the features a team needs to increase its productivity: office files editing, real-time collaboration, document version management, synchronizing data on all the devices, files migration between cloud storages, search function, etc.

ONLYOFFICE, a full-stuck office suite integrated with kDrive

With a view to being competitive and meeting as far as possible the needs of users, Infomaniak has decided to extend its cloud storage platform functionality with an online collaborative office suite. After consideration of alternatives and internal tests, the developers of kDrive have chosen ONLYOFFICE which met all their criteria:

  • open source code;
  • GDPR compliance;
  • high compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • easy integration with kDrive;
  • real-time editing and co-editing text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations;
  • abundance of editing and styling features;
  • desktop, web, and mobile clients.

Léopold Jacquot, Developer at Infomaniak, summed up their choice:

ONLYOFFICE is a smoothly integrable turnkey solution which allows controlling over data while maintaining productivity and efficiency of a suite like Microsoft Office.

Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales at ONLYOFFICE, is proud to have Infomaniak among the clients:

Infomaniak has identified innovation as the driving force of its own development. The fact that this flagship of Swiss web hosting has integrated ONLYOFFICE proves us that we are going the right way. The combination of secure and privacy-friendly cloud spaces with ONLYOFFICE document editors allows kDrive to be among the best on the market and offer the competitive rates.

The point that ONLYOFFICE and kDrive have in common is their accessibility. Both solutions are available from any web browser and mobile devices.

Desktop apps to work offline

On a desktop computer, kDrive is available through an application optimized for macOS, Windows, and Linux. All synchronized files appear in the usual file manager and can be edited even without an internet connection using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. The desktop office suite is free and also available on three main operating systems. This makes it possible to go without Microsoft Office.

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