Meet more collaborative, more secure, and smarter ONLYOFFICE in version 10.5

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Hello everyone!

The new version of ONLYOFFICE collaboration platform features mentions in comments, bookmark sharing, smarter project management, better work with document versions and revisions, mail templates, and more.

Smarter documents

When you are viewing the file version, the drop-down menu will show its history altogether:

Intermediate revision of the file can be saved using Ctrl+S or the Save command – you can configure this in the user settings. These saves by default replace each other in the revision history, but it is possible for administrators to adjust intermediate saving settings. When the document revision is saved automatically, each autosave always replaces the previous one.

Besides, ONLYOFFICE will now register every editing session as a new complete file version.

Document navigation became faster in this update. If a bookmark is set in the file, it’s possible to share the document at its disposition to other users with a special link.

Mentions in comments

Commenting now supports user mentions which are the convenient way to let a particular person know their revision or contribution is needed in the document.

To mention someone in the comment, type ‘@’ or ‘+’ and select the user from the list. They will be notified about your mention and, if the document is not shared with them yet, granted the viewing permission automatically.

Redesigned media player

We slightly improved the look and feel of your media player:

Enhanced project management

The overall performance of project management features was rearranged with more intuitive buttons and actions. Also, you can now mark each task with individual status. Your projects can be removed in bulk, saving a bit of time when you get to revise the workflows.

Mail templates

In the Mail module, we added the Templates folder where you can create and manage templates for your email. Any template can be created from the email or, vice-versa, inserted there. Templates contain various data from content to recipients, flags and even attachments.

Speaking about mail attachments, now you can download them as a single archive using the ‘Download all’ button.

The new E2E encryption of documents

We have advanced the encryption technology used in ONLYOFFICE. It is already supported in version 10.5 and will be released in the next version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

These and multiple other improvements in the interface and performance are already available for all ONLYOFFICE cloud service users and will be soon released in server solutions. Sign in and check the new features yourself:


Join the upcoming webinar to see how the new features work in ONLYOFFICE 10.5.

If you have any technical questions, write us below or ask them at And we are always happy when you tell Twitter what you like about ONLYOFFICE.

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  • when you make onlyoffice even a powerful mail server nobody will beat you anymore. Zimbra and office365 will have to deal with you. the mobile app (iOS / Android) should also show emails and forums should have better acl.

  • I keep ignoring you as I don’t want this mail and as far as know never used it so please leave me alone, I have an email page so please leave me alone.
    Every mail offers 90% discount it’s getting tedeous now

    • Hello, Adrian!

      Sorry for the inconvenience we caused. We checked and couldn't find your email (the one you used to post this comment) in our database. If you have another one that keeps getting the letters, plz let us know so we are able to exclude you.

      It would also be great if you send us a screenshot with the letter you got as we don't remember sending any 90% discount offers. Thanks in advance

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